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Solution to busy highway intersection may be too costly

My apologizes for the typo in there. It should read, "Mr. Bixby what type of revenue do I generate, not to generate."

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Solution to busy highway intersection may be too costly

Bixby said. “We need to be business friendly. Homes don’t generate positive revenue. Businesses do". Very interesting statement, out of curiosity Mr. Bixby what type of revenue to generate when I pay my taxes, water, and sewage bills monthly?

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Council signals U.S. 24-40 safety improvements too expensive

This article intrigues me, the city would rather use funds to upgrade an industrial park, that as far as I am aware of no businesses has shown interest in moving into. "Please if you respond, do not use the if you build it they will come scenario either." Unless of course you count the new police station. Of which I do not see an ROI on. Yet just yesterday afternoon around 1645, there was yet another accident. Now I am not sure if anyone was hurt, and I would hope there wasn't, but one wonder's how many accidents will it take to get anyone's attention.

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School district can't build off-site streets, can be part of special assessment

As an informed resident of our town, I can not in good faith vote for this bond. I find that TMS which was recently constructed, has entirely to many issues. From the simple things of functioning classroom clocks, and a gymnasium that is to small. To much larger issues of a drive way that can not support the traffic it was originally designed for, and the lack of restrooms for the number of students.
Now not to say we can not learn from our mistakes, but I find it an uneasy thought. When we just recently completed this facility, that no one saw that enrollment was going to climb over the next few years, and had not planned accordingly in the construction of just one school. Now with that roles have changed, yet when I see that school has been closed due to snow removal as one of the key components to this decision. I ask how am I to trust someone with millions of dollars, and a major construction project, that apparently I can not trust to control a simple snow removal project?
Yet I am inclined to agree, that we should evaluate improvements to just TES at this time.

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USD 464 'proactive' in bond planning

Old Vet,
I will agree with your assessment of the situation, and not to harp on your screen name, but it does appear as though your supposed age has brought you some insight into this. Looking at your pro's I agree as to the drastic reduction in prices, and interest rates, does make it almost ideal. Although, looking at the con's one would answer, no we did not get the science labs. Also as an added bonus the new Middle School, is still today plagued by problems, and almost gremlins that can not seemed to be fixed.
I am not so naive as to believe that all new construction does not have it's fair share of problems. Yet when something as simple as functioning clocks on classroom walls can not be reached, I question the need of new, versus fixing what is suppose to be new. I am also taken by surprise at the number of false alarm fire calls that appear to be happening at the Middle School. This is a safety concern that should have been resolved immediately for the sake of not only the students, and staff of the middle school, but our community as a whole. I know we all need to learn from our mistakes, yet I have to ask have we learned if we continue to have problems that can not seem to be resolved on a facility that in itself is only still in its youth.
Yet you are correct in your thought of purchasing now, but I ask, as more good people loose there sources of income, and our taxes are raised, and values decline is now the time? Of course this is only keeping a very narrow sighted view of the current economy, and our quiet little town.

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USD 464 'proactive' in bond planning

As I can agree to providing our youth with the best possible facilities in which to gain the best possible education. I can only shutter at the thought of even contemplating the idea of a bond issue in the midst of this, our great depression. As it remains today are unemployment rate stands high, and the potential job market is not promising. I would ask, can the good residents of this town, and the town itself handle spending money on this right now? Or could we find other not so costly projects that could use our attentions, while keeping our coffers with some sort of resources, rather than IOU's?
Like I said in the beginning, I am for having the best facilities. Yet I think right now would be the wrong time to ask the residents of this town, to give more than they are possibly able to give, only to exacerbate the trails faced today.

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Tuition decision reversed

Your accounts of dastardly deeds, continues to grow. One has only to think, that by reading your accounts of past offenses committed by what one could only guess now is every administrator. We should release them all, and go find new ones, correct? You speak of how some have even told untruths in Federal Court, yet I have not seen form of perjury charges brought against them. Also if you can prove beyond a reasonable doubt, the accusation of this persons sneaking to change school records, why have you not? I do not believe I have heard anything about this prior to today.
As it has been noted several times here, there is a general disgust if you will of how things are going. Yet all I see are calls to arms, and rebel rousing to have these individuals terminated. Yet I do not see a solution stated, perplexing. Also to your point on lies, You state that if someone lies to parents, are there words trustworthy anymore? To that I would ask, would this not be the case for all, or do you only hold Administrators to this kind of level of expectations? You state that people who treat others rudely, and use lies as a form of communication should be disposed of from public service. Should that standard not be for all of our elected officials on all levels of government?
As to your reference to the house of denominational gathering place, I will not acknowledge the comment any further on the matter. Other than to say, that is what one calls the easy way out. Your comment on history "He who dosen't know history is doomed to repeat it" is slightly incorrect. It states those who do not learn from the past are condemned to repeat it. With some variations found out there. Also to your provocative thought from E.W. Wilcox. I would ask if you have proof to your accusations about said individuals, and have not come forward, then you yourself are also guilty of this crime, are you not? Also if you have come forward, and presented said evidence, and nothing has taken place, then you should set with a resolute passion to have this accounted for.
I look forward to the rebuttal that I am sure you will bring, yet one does grow tired of the mind numbing discussion you have brought forth. This started out to only question the reasoning behind the compensation, and has sparked a debate filled with vigor. Yet when personal agendas are sought, and facts become awash in seas of contempt, the debate no longer exists. I bid you good day.
Bob, what has you wanting to share so badly?

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Tuition decision reversed

My use of the word adversary, was used in it's literal meaning of, having or involving opposing interests. I do not contend that you have an interest in that you are in some way personally involved with our board, or the administrative staff. Merely that our interests in the fact finding en devour we have endured has appeared to have placed you into this category by some, yet not myself.
I have found through our ring, of verbal pugilistic exchanges, to be more informed, yet like you not swayed in my own belief that this was an untimely decision. I feel as though during these financially troubling times, a decision like this creates a tidal wave. Had it been better, and more prosperous times, then yes it would have been a mere blip.
I have a question to ask, as it relates to Mr. Hayden, and his compensation. You have stated that he is under compensated, as compared to others around us. Yet do the others you speak of hold actual Phd's? I was made aware that Mr. Hayden, has only a Masters, and if that be it the case would this not explain his compensation? Just a thought.
Also before I take my leave, katblu. As much as one can enjoy a good rant, have you like I have posed in the past brought this to the attention of the proper officials, in dealing with the constant according to you treatment of the parents by our schools administrators? Or are you merely using this forum, to unleash a personal vendetta against individuals here? I only ask, due to your constant regurgitating of the same thing over, and over again. Have you ran for the board, to possibly make a difference, as someone asked here?
I do not wish this to be viewed as mean, or inciting. I am just curious if you have explored these options, and what came of them.

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Tuition decision reversed

Apparently the debate is still a foot, my adversary. I did learn over the past weekend, that Mr. Parker, is neither a administrator, nor a teacher. In the highlight of waste, we have discussed in the past, I would have to say that this would yet again, be another example. To allow someone to teach, any form of curriculum, when they themselves are not certified teachers, is astounding.
This could be another 45,000 or so in savings for the district, to be able to put to better use, would you not agree?
As to the release of information, form the meeting, that possibly could resolve much of the debate. As to the point of IQ's, I have seen the European system. Yet I would be hesitant, to institute such a system here. I myself grew up under the back breaking labor, of farming. Although at times I do miss it even today, and know of its character building potential, for both hard work, and responsibility. I would not want to have been forcibly pushed in that direction, due to my studies not always being above par.
Brian, it is disheartening that teachers like so many others, who give of themselves to others, are often under compensated, I do not, nor would I even dispute this. I do agree that someone charged with such a responsibility should be dually compensated. One could only hope that in forums to come from the School board in USD 464, that there in fact be more voices to be heard, rather then the present of only a few.
I will myself will be attending, to see if the backbone of those who have gathered here, are willing to show, and let themselves be heard. Change does not begin, with a silent majority, yet an unsilent minority.

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Tuition decision reversed

I do apologize, but I had to step into a meeting, and could not finish earlier. You claim that Ms. Phillips was justly rewarded for her hard work and dedication above and beyond the requirements of her contract. Yet do you know exactly what her days consist of? I do not therefore the question is posed.
I do know of teachers like Brian elaborated to, that do buy there own supplies, and work more hours than there contract says they have too, provide students, and parents contact information so that they can contact them, if the need arises, and does. Does this mean the teachers should be given the same praise? Or do you wish to negate this to doing there jobs?
Once again I do apologize for the 2 postings.

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