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City Council approves salary increase for city administrator

Read the story before you make a comment! The Mayor is NOT the one who received the raise. The City Administrator did. As far as city employees that have to buy thier own coffee and pay for their own phones. Welcome to the real world. Why should the peope of Tonganoxie have to pay for that kind of stuff??? The city of Tonganoxie pays the city employees very well. That is why you have employees that have been with the city a long time and the fact that some of them don't do sh*t...

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Council ends call for tech audit

You are so right!!!

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Council ends call for tech audit

Only1.... You do not have to be smart to know this!!!!!!

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County slashes budget, proposes tax hike

Ya.... because it is our money! It is easy to give away someone else money then you own. Sounds like "Rocket is a city employee. Get a real job Rocket! City worker just sit on there a## and do nothing!! The City needs to get rid of all of the lazy ones... witch is 90% of them.

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Tonganoxie City Council discusses marketing position

The economy is breaking down. People are losing their jobs and homes in this town and it is not going to help Tonganoxie to waste money on an economic development director. The big city's are having trouble bring in new businesses! I do not think that Tonganoxie is any different. This town is so small it can not afford to hire a economic development director. What is the Chamber of Commerce doing? The Chamber of Commerce should be helping our city with this!
City Council you people need to open your eyes and get your heads out of what ever they are in and maybe support the business that we have.
Mymonkey... People curse the darkness because we are in it and the city wasting our money isn't going to turn on the light!!

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Retirees raise flag just in time for holiday

VFW are Great people. They do good things for Tonganoxie.
But Mark Himpel needs to get out of that photo of the Good citizens until he can do the right thing for the retirees that live in the Fall Creek Villas retirement community. He promised the retirees that moved in the community that there would be a walking trail... that was a Big selling point for these retirees that moved there and now he has told them he will not put one in and he does not have too. This is one big reason my mother moved there.
Mark Himpel shouldn't be in a photo of Very decent people that do good for others..
Mark Himpel said " They're Happy" get real maybe you should talk to them again. I bet they would tell you that you need to build that walking trail that you promised them.
Nothing like sticking it to and miss leading the older citizens!!

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City council to look at changing dog ordinance

I agree- The city should not pick out certain breeds of dogs (pit bulls and Rottweilers) they should come up with a different ordinance then what they have. A vicious dog ordinance. If a dog show any sign of aggression then they should have to get rid of it or maybe have them take the dog to a Veterinarian to have it evaluated to see if it is a vicious dog? The owner would have to pay for this evaluation and come back to city with the evaluation. If the vet. says it is not a dog that should be in the city the owner would have to get rid of it. I'm sure a Veterinarian would be able to tell you this. The City could pick their own Veterinarian. I beleive that a dog is only vicious when they are treated badly. Put on a chain or beat or just teased and tormented or even trained to be vicious..There are some dogs and cat that are just born vicious and then I feel they should be put down. Maybe the city should enforce the leash law and dogs would not be running at large and have a chance to attack anyone. If the city would have a dog enforcer that lived in Tonganoxie and not Basehor just maybe the city could get a better handle on this problem. Then they wouldn't have to pick out certain breeds! There is a better way to handle this then having an ordinance that pick on certain breeds. Make it so it is fare for every dog owner.

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Council decides pool rates

I have to agree with council member Paula Crook and city Administrator. I bought a season pass for my family last year. Paid 80.00 for half a season. Grant it, the pool was just open for a half a season, but the price was reasonable. This year the pool will be open all year. $160.00 is not unreasonable for a season pass for my family to swim all season. I would hate to think that because the price is to low that my neighbors and other people in town will have to pay for me and my family. The cost to keep the pool running if they do not use it. Just because my family went there for a cheaper price. There might not be a pool that is self sufficient by user fee. But it is not unreasonable to ask us user to pay a little bit more so that the ones that do not use the pool should have to pay for maintaining the pool. What will happen if the cost to operate the pool for a full year means that the price will have to go up next year? I beleive most of us swimmers will be more upset with the city by lowering the price and then next year raise it again. Shouldn't the city first see what a full year would cost to run the pool before changing the price?

We all voted for this pool even the ones that don't use it. Why not try to keep the ones that do not use it from having to pay for us that do use it. They did help us vote for this pool. I thinks its only fair.

I like the idea of 2 and under gets in free.

Thank you City of Tonganoxie for a great pool.

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Dollar General killers receive life in prison

MY heart goes to the Bell's family! It makes you ask what kind of world do we live in.

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Shilling: Responsible city spending needed

What kinda town is this?

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