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Wager set to give back

This is not even about Randy. You bloggers need to find the right site! Rosey- you need to blog about Shilling on Shillings story.

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Welsh running for city council

Good luck to Mr. Welsh in this election. At least you have commonsense on your side. I just wish that if you do receive the votes from the citizen of Tonganoxie to win one of the council seat. That you take a different road then what the existing council is doing! Because my opinion they are leading us down the wrong road.

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Welsh running for city council

I don't believe commonsense has any! If a voter wants to express there views shouldn't they be able to with out someone telling them not to officiate as a pontiff? I don't believe no one is. Mr Welsh has made a point to say that he is not waving a flag and that some other are. By his own words---- it is pointed out that he is waving a Fag!!

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Welsh running for city council

Burdel Welsh is flying his flag high. He might not want to admit it but he is. I believe it is for the Police Department. He said he don't have a agenda. HA HA.

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City hot over $14,000 propane bill

I would like to hear.. just once, that the city saved us money on something even if it is a small amount!!!!! Please Please Please. Or can they do this or are they all about SPENDING

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Mayor apologizes for city employee maintenance on personal vehicle

I too have three kids, my youngest is a quadriplegic. God blessed us with this child. We have a Van with a lift on it, to get Matt in and out of the van. The Van make it easy for us to go anywhere. Our Van has broken down many many times and we had to use our other vehicle to be able to go any where! It was hard and very inconvenient, but we do it. We take our van to the mechanic shop and it is not cheep especially when we have three kids. My husband and I both work. We too are buying our home and we believe that the taxes we pay for, is almost more then we can handle. But we do it. We have family and friends who help us. Thank God for that. I Voted for this Mayor and it upset me to hear him make so many excuses of why he called the city to work on his van. Every one has desperate times.This is our Mayor if he makes this kind of decision in desperate times what kind of decision is he making for our city? Why shouldn't there be any repercussions. The Mayor knew it was wrong and the city worker knew it was wrong. I don't understand this. Is this what people mean when they say this is a small town? If so We lived in a small town and this kind of stuff did not happen. People in Johnstown CO help one another all the time but the city would have never let the tax payers pay for the city work force to do this on city time, lunch or breaks and I know this because I worked for the city. I have never seen a city miss use city funds like this town. That allows the Mayor to do what he wants to and city workers do what they want. What kind of Administration do we have down there? That won't hold anyone accountable for any thing. Yes this is a small town but there is the right thing to do and the wrong thing to do and city of Tonganoxie we live in seems to want to do the wrong thing most of the time. So Mayor of Tonganoxie we did entrust you to be our leader so shape up or step out of office. Maybe I will run for office.

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