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Election draws near

kcwood (Anonymous) says…

"How do I find out about the council candidates? I was unable to attend Thurs forum. Apparantly this newspaper does not cover the issues."

The paper was at the forum. Shawn Linenberger was taking notes and photos, TV6 was also there. The paper publishes once a week so I'm certain the story will be in Wednesday's paper.

About the candidates: City council: My vote is for Truesdell, Ward, and Welsh. Shilling came off as uninformed and having a very large ax to grind. Siegliende Marx wasn't there and was apparently sick. I understand she is a team with shilling.

School Board: My vote is for Wager, Hopkins and Grinter. Wager isn't a member of the NEA, no agenda and honest. Hopkins has no opponent, seemed intelligent and informed. Grinter has no negative history and sounded good. O'Hagan also sounded good, seemed a bit eccentric though (that usually is a warning). Tate seemed to be in over his head. He's been on the board for a year and didn't come off as very intelligent on the issues. Smith is a member of the NEA, an activist and has a big ax to grind.

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Wager set to give back

What the *%*# are they talking about shilling for on this story?

School Board: Wager appears to be a man of integrity. Doesn't seem to have an agenda like Smith. Hopkins seems intelligent and genuine. It was a toss up between Grinter and the Military guy, Tate didn't impress me as a very smart guy.

Wager, Hopkins, and Grinter are my picks to win?

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Shilling: Responsible city spending needed

It's not Tonganoxie, its what has happened to America. We are more polarized than ever. The Democrats and Republicans are to blame. The left is spewing propoganda all over the airwaves and the right is fighting back on talk radio and books. Obama, Pelosi and Reid don't really care about America and our constitution. Boener and Limbaugh don't care about what went wrong under Bush. The public at the local level is suffering the same as the national level. Shilling comes off as a hateful person. And his property on 3rd street is a blight.

Certainly Tonganoxie has spent a lot of money, the land purchase south of town was not a good idea. Shilling wants to bring a Casino to Tonganoxie, another not so good idea. Both sides locally have bad ideas. Its a lose - lose situation.

The school board race is better. Just replace all the sitting board members and the board will be much better.

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Being teacher helps Smith serve on board

Ms Smith is a member of the National Education Association Union and it is my belief a conflict of interest for her to serve on a school board that negotiates with the union for teacher pay and benefits.

What does the NEA stand for? At their recent national convention delegates advocated Same Sex Marriage, gay parent adoption, Instate tuition for illegal immigrants, amnesty for illegal immigrants, mandatory sex education, abortion on demand, a childs right to have an abortion without parental notification, and a plethora of other social issues the NEA has no business attempting to force down our throats.

Ms. Smith is an activist and Tonganoxie is a wholesome community that doesn't agree with the NEA agenda.

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Letter to the editor: Event viewed as slaughter

Hockey Mom,
I stand by what I wrote. As a Member of the Basehor VFW Post I wouldn't want her in my post badmouthing my organization. I believe I probably did a little more protecting than LTC (R) Blackdeer who sat in an office as an MI analyst. As an Infantry officer in Korea (52) and Vietnam (65-66, 68-69, 71-72) three times I believe I have earned the right to question anothers motives. Ms. Dependent wife hockey mom, I have two purple hearts, silver star and Bronze star, a CIB with 3 stars, a Ranger tab, what did you earn? A certificate of appreciation upon your husbands retirement. Thanks for your support of his service and you've received what you've earned, a certificate.

LTC Blackdeer, if you don't like the VFW, join it, serve in it, seek responsibility, and change the organization from within with positive leadership, set the example like any GOOD leader. Otherwise you're just taking potshots at a good organization you've invested nothing into and have no legitimate ground to criticize, like a BAD leader. Stop by the Basehor post on Saturday for breakfast, make a difference with action, not inflamatory words.

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Governor signs budget-cutting bill

Mr. Rothschild,

Would you please address our Governor with a little more class. Some respect befitting the office she holds. Her title is Governor, or Governor Sebelius, it is in my opinion disrespectful to refer to her as "Sebelius".

I personally dislike the policies of our Governor. She is responsible for much of this, not the Republican Legislature. The Legislature has to do certain things by law as does the Governor.

LJW's most biased reporter (Scott Rothschild) couldn't help but condemn republicans for the impasse. First of all, both parties did what they believed in. Both parties fought for what they thought was right for Kansas. Of course, the Governor is wrong.

Legislature, Good Job! We owe you our thanks for representing us honestly.

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Letter to the editor: Event viewed as slaughter

Dear Ingrate,

Crystal, the VFW doesn't have "Chapters". I really doubt you're a "life member" of the VFW or any organization other than ______. Additionally, had you read the story it was clear that the VFW did not sponsor this event, it was Adam's. It was a good event that country folk understand and by the apparent success still support.

Squirrels are rodents, they are game to be hunted. The squirrels hunted on Saturday were harvested. Some of them were eaten, some had their tails used to construct fishing lures/flies. Children learned skills that were once treasured and necessary in this great nation, self sufficiency. They learned to respect a weapon and to appreciate the skill of marksmanship.

You probably have no reason to go to Adams Feed and your threat is hollow. Don't patronize the VFW, so what, they probably don't want people pretending to be a veteran or claiming membership erroneously patronizing their facility. This VFW has a reputation in this community of impeccable integrity and public service. For you to imply otherwise shows your lack of respect and knowledge of Tonganoxie.

Thank those veterans you just bad mouthed for protecting your right to say bad things about them.

Ted W.

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Several file for April election

Well, maybe you're right. Tate is probably uninformed and may decide to listen to the 70%. He may have been beholding to the other three members.

Smith, regardless of her motives in the superintendent case should step down. The law needs to be changed because she is clearly in a conflict of interest as a board member. She is a member of the NEA and as a member of this union has the interests of the union which conflict with the interests of tax payers.

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Several file for April election

Smith and Tate should have resigned.

Wager and Grinter would be good replacements.

Hansen did a good job. Thanks for your service.

Hopkins will be a good replacement.

Again, we need CHANGE, replace Smith and Tate!!

(Leslie and Baragary ought to resign now, they've fulfilled their scheme to release the Superintendent)

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Letter to the editor:

You should run for the school board!!

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