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Goebels welcome home 3rd to family

Congrats to the family and their new addition!

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Erickson to finish career as part-time official

In regards to your previous comments about the lawsuits and a community that is outraged, all I want to say to you is A MEN! I completely agree with you! I could not of said it better myself! Thank you.

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Erickson to finish career as part-time official

Bob_Busk Wow! I am speechless. It sounds like you have a personal issue with that Theno family. That lawsuit was over almost 4 years ago, and yet here you are slandering that poor kids NAME AGAIN! Yes, he’s just a kid, let him move on with his life and stop dragging that kids name in the mud! How in the world do you know so much anyway? Are you related to them? Were you there when every issue happened? Were you the bully? Your blaming bad parenting, when in fact if you stop and think about it, if it was your child getting picked on, I bet you would do everything possible to get it stopped! I know I would! It is completely obvious that you are jealous of Alan and his “quirks”. Did he date your girlfriend in high school or something? Don't you think that family has been through enough! It seems like that all you’re bringing up is the Lawsuit, when in fact there were Many, Many issues that were a part of the boards decision. Sure, he can say, he has done good things for the district. But, he can ALSO say... there have been many errors that he has created and not handled appropriately. When a Grown adult has to call 911, because he himself is being bullied by the superintended.. Something is WRONG. Yes, the Lawsuit caught people’s attention, (thank god) But, that is only the tip of the iceberg. I can Not believe you can smugly sit there and call Names to the board members who voted against him! YOUR A GROWN ADULT who has lived in this town for OVER 50 YEARS, and here you are name calling because they didn’t do what poor little you wanted them to. Give me a break. Unless you’re a board member who has been to all the meetings and has been apprised of all situations. Maybe you should think before you speak. Didn’t your mother ever teach you "if you can't say anything nice, don’t say anything at all!" By the way, Why are you only picking on the Women members? The vote was 7 - 0! Do you have a personal vendetta? All I am saying is be nice.

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