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Tonganoxie City Council votes not to extend city administrator's contract

It's never a good thing when a city loses their city administrator but I think we can do a lot better. Also, I think its unfair to bring up the budget error and not include everyone who was invloved. There were the people who should have caught it and then the people who were responsible for it. EVERYONE should be blamed, not just one person. I think Mike is a decent person and I'm sad to see him go but this town needs to grow and offer more to its citizens, THAT is what I hope for in the future.

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Economic climate to blame for closing

I have heard nothing but good things about Meadows. I'm sorry to see this happen to anyone. I wish them well and hope that they rebound quickly.

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2011 elections brings blight to city's agenda

I could not agree more. Everyone in town knows that there is a problem, it's whether or not you want to admit that there is a problem...people can deny it all they want but when their child gets arrested with drugs or gets hurt because of them, that's when people will take an intrest.

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2011 elections brings blight to city's agenda

Straightup, I am not a police officer. I am a business owner in the metro and I live in Tonganoxie. I have lots of friends with children that go to school in the area and I hear about all the drugs that go on. I know the police officers are aware of the situation, I just wish they could do more about it. It starts with the leadership, not the officers.

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2011 elections brings blight to city's agenda

Once again the City Council has completely missed the point...they think that community blight is the issue??? How about the fact that we have had multiple businesses and commerce show interest in the city for development plans but we can't get them to move on it because we don't have the city infrastructure. I could care less if my neighbor has a boat or lawn mower in their yard if we were growing as a community.

I have only seen one or two properties in town that I though "wow, they should really clean that up" but the city leadership feels it is more important to use our police force to patrol for code violations??? Why don't they focus on the enormous drug problem we have in Tonganoxie, I think that might be more beneficial.

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Bixby eyes spending cuts

I like the points that Mr. Bixby makes but there are a lot bigger issues at hand. Industry and businesses are not going to move into Tonganoxie if we don't have the infrastructure to support it.

When a business looks at the limited police, fire, and public services we have to offer they are more inclined to go to a bigger city that can better provide said services. Every week there are more and more comments about bike paths, school bond issues, and the never ending studies about studies to decide if we should do a study to see if a project is feasible. We have underfunded police, fire, and public works, that is the bottom line. Our police officers, firefighters, and public works employees do an exceptional job with what they have to work with but they should have better. I would gladly pay more to have better law enforcement capability, fire protection, and public works.

I wish that the city council would start understanding that without having a solid city government and services we are never going to grow. Businesses will just keep going down the road and being successful else ware.

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City Hall, police station replacement put on hold with need for new pool

I find it very sad that Tonganoxie has to wait for a new police station and city hall because of a pool. There has been a lot of political turmoil lately and I think I speak for a lot of the citizens when I say that city services are the most important. We are a smaller city but that doesn't mean that our services should suffer. I am happy to have a great police department, fire department, public works, and city administration but we pay taxes for these services and if they need to be upgraded then I'm all for it. If it comes down between a new police station and a new bike path...I vote for the police station. I have only been to the current police station once for a visit and it was cramped and seemed to not be working well, and that was several years ago.

I think it is about time that the City revisit their priorities and take care of what is important...the city workers and the public’s safety.

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Young zombie slayers regulars at library

Wow...let's take the kids off of the street where they will be exposed to cursing, violence, and guns and put them in the nice comfortable CITY OWNED library where they can be exposed to cursing, vioence, and guns....Come on Tonganoxie, why is this a reacuring theme?

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Tonganoxie council wants tighter computer login policies

The issue of Council members has nothing to do with sex, race, creed, or anything has to do with doing what is right for our community. Yes she brought up the issue of inappropriate e-mails which I agree is a serious one, but to bring up such a sensitive issue during a city council meeting in front of citizens, TV news media and others is completely irresponsible and, in my opinion, made our city look even worse than the original offense.

This could have been done behind closed doors and the only thing that would have been openly known was that Mr. Vestel was resigning. Instead Tonganoxie is plastered all over the KC metro as a laughing stock. Enough is enough...we need to move forward and progress from being a small town with small town politics.

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Tonganoxie council wants tighter computer login policies

Why do we need to do a full audit? Is there concern that this is going on throughout the city? There are programs out there that will block content and websites that are not appropriate for the workplace. So instead of finding new ways to stop this type of behavior in the future, and treating our city workers like adults, we are going to dig into the past and try and retroactively punish people?? Sounds like the typical witch hunt to me

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