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Council votes to move Tonganoxie Police Department across street amid basement issues

The writing is on the wall. City Council having a special meeting and moving the Police department out of the building So suddenly. The City tax payer is up for a fight. Someone in that police department thinks that the mold issue (If there is one) is a easy ride out of town with a pocket full of tax payer money.

I want to know who is in charge to check the basement for water? If this has been a ongoing problem! Has anyone heard of water pumps? Why wouldn't the city have a water pump in the basement? If this has been a ongoing problem! Who is in Charge? Who is not doing thier Job?

Hasn't the City hired Several environmental company's in the past to check for mold in that building? If I remember, they had one last year? Must have come out OK because the Police were still in that building. So what is different this time? $$$$$$$$

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Early morning chase ends with arrest

A Drunk arresting a Drunk? Only in Tonganoxie!!!

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City Council approves donation, fireworks for Tonganoxie Days

That fun is on our dime! If you (mymonkey) or should I say council member Peak would pull your head out of your a## and see that spending tax dollars for YOUR PLEASURE is not what you were put in there for. It was to help put this city back on its feet by pay down debt. Not to spend our money on Bull s###. Spending $4,000 or $5,000 will not even come close to paying back to the city in tax revenue what the city has spent on a Little fun!! Give me a Break! Be a good steward with our tax money and stop having fun on our dime.

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Letter to the editor: Longtime Tonganoxie resident concerned about bond issue

Ron Snapp: I agree with you 100% It leaves all of wondering......What are they thinking?

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Security, space limits concern police chief

This cost $$$$$$ how will the city pay for this? Why is it that everyone ( City, School, County) want to spend in the middle of this economy melt down? Can't this wait for a year or two? There is not enough money in my wallet with your hand in it too.

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Department of Revenue closes Tonganoxie business because of unpaid sales taxes

This business and owners of this business are hard working and the most honest people a person could know. It is sad that they are having a hard time. I beleive all of us has found ourselves in hard times and had to make difficult decisions. I hope for this community that Shilling"s works things out and open thier doors soon!!

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Tonganoxie council wants tighter computer login policies

It was Mr. Vestal actions that put the city back in the news once again and made the city look even worse. The irresponsible person is Mr. Vestal. He should of know better! If our city is being plastered all over the KC meto as a laughing stock you can thank Mr.Vestal for that. My opinion you need to blame the one that did the act! Mr. Vestal.

I also beleive there is something called open meetings act. I beleive that they are not allowed to go behind close doors.

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Councilmember Tom Putthoff submits resignation letter

"teatime" likes being a school yard bully! Doesn't like anyone saying negative things about his/her boys! Sounds like "teatime" belongs with the Good old Boys club. Tonganoxie still old-school or as 'teatime' says TEAM TONGANOXIE!! "Teatime" if you can't handle the heat get out of the kitchen!!

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Tonganoxie City Council wants Internet use audit

"Straightup" You have some good questions and Mr. Putthoff needs to be reminded that he and the council is sending out a strong message that they condone this kind of behavior. When you sit on your hands and do nothing about the answering service. The City Council is condoning it. The Audit is great but if you don't take care of Mike Vestals behavior with the city computer then how can you take care of anyone else from the city that is doing the same?

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Tonganoxie business served warrant on back taxes

I hope the store don't close. That will hurt the city not have a grocery store. Everyone needs to help him out and start and continue shopping at our local grocery store. Support your local businesses.

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