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Mayor wants plan before requesting KDOT lower highway speed limit

Ah yes just another way for Tongie to get additional revenue. Welcome to Tonganoxie home of the $120.00 traffic violation. Don’t forget to come back soon!!!!!

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Basehor-Linwood routs Tonganoxie

This is the reporter being to lazy to do his job. It's called a program they give you one before the game. It only requires the ability to read. Has nothing to do with points scored. Hats off to the far better team. Basehor kicked Tongie all over the field but Nick not using the names of both teams just shows he is lazy.

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Basehor-Linwood routs Tonganoxie

Hey Nick something you might want to consider in your jornalistic future. The Tonganoxie football players have names too. You made yourself look like an amature.

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Tonganoxie football coach Mark Elston resigns

Regardless of your personal feelings about coach Elston the word is now out about how coaches are treated at THS by parents. There is nothing worse than mommy’s and daddy’s who get half of the story and then spew their version of the story as gospel. (By the way we are ALL guilty of that) The administration is now in the un-envious position of finding a new coach to take a job at a school district with this reputation. Good luck with that one. If it was decided that coach Elston was to move on with his life’s work away from THS it should have happened at the end of the season in a matter of fact fashion. This is now in the paper on the broadcast news and every social network one can think of. News travels in the coaching community like wild fire. And trust me this is NOT good news. So those of you that are pounding your chest feeling the final victory of vindication I hope you enjoy your moment in the sun. The boys (and yes I said boys) that take the field the rest of the season will be required to grow up real quick. I believe that the staff will be there to support the boys teach them the game of football and skills for the game of life. I only hope that the community can show these coaches and the players a sense of real community. One last thing…. Good luck fellas. Kick some tail and take some names.

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