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Man who allegedly threatened Tonganoxie High School principal had gun when arrested

Your right in regards to your generation. It was and is a great generation and I wish that it could be now as it was then. Myself and my children respect our elders and admire their morals and take after many of them. I simply wish many other kids now a days would do the same. You're right again as far as the things that take place in current society. It's sad and pitiful. Yet again, it is the parents responsibility to teach their children right from wrong. I know this may shock you, but even as a liberal (this may just throw your stereotyping right out of the water) I am very thankful for our church family and christian beliefs as those along with my husband and I are what have kept our children grounded and respectful. There is a definite moral crisis in these times. If I could change it single handedly, you bet I would! However, as the saying goes, "it takes a village to raise a child" and tossing insults to those doing the raising will do nothing but harden their hearts and minds as opposed to assisting with bring back the "good ol' days". With all of that said, I am not nor will I ask for your insulting "medal". It's parenting and it's a gift within itself not to be rewarded by anything more than having decent children to treat others with respect and dignity and that try to make the world a better place. As I am a Christian and am true to my faith, I forgive you for your insults towards myself seeing how you do not know a thing about me. You have no idea what I've done against Gods law or natural law. I do not reward myself. As a matter of fact, as far as not working too hard, here's a little tid bit for you, I have busted my butt to get to where I am which is the VP of sales of a company (without having a degree) so your assumptions are incorrect. I'm still trying to figure out where you have come up with much of your responses, yet I'm even wondering more why I'm bothering with this.

In closing, I would like to honestly thank you for the time you served our country. Thanks to you and thousands of others, we all have the ability to voice our opinions on many forums such as this one and the freedoms that we all enjoy. I also would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas (yes, I do say Christmas as Christ is what the season is about -sorry to ruin your thoughts of me on that one.)

Take care.
~Stump (This really does make me laugh)

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Man who allegedly threatened Tonganoxie High School principal had gun when arrested

Well hello pot, my names kettle. Nice to meet you. Bitter lately? See, I can bring myself to have the same attitude that you do. Fortunately for those I come in contact with, rarely do I have to do it. However, I can do what I have taught my children which is to defend themselves against others and stand up for their beliefs and what is right. I did not insult you in the post above. I simply stated facts. If you think they are not facts, please go back and review your posts and see how many insults you have thrown out to others without facts to back them up.

I would like to thank you for the comedic relief. Seriously. I've never been called a "stump" and it has honestly made me laugh. Also, please take a moment to read what I wrote, not what you interpreted it as. Did I not say that the attitude problems lie at the feet of the parents? With that said, does that really make me sound as someone that would be more interested in being my child's friend? My children are incredibly strong willed yet know that NOTHING entitles them to put down others. It would be nice if someone had taught you the same. You, on the other hand, have no place to assume ones parenting abilities without knowing what those abilities consists of. Am I my kids friend? If you ask them, absolutely not. I am the one that teaches them right from wrong, punishes them when needed and looks out for their best interest. I in no way, shape or form admitted that my children are not prepared for the real world. They're even prepared for attitudes such as yours. Of course I have and will fail on multiple levels as a parent. Feel free to find a parent that hasn't. At least I will admit that.

I do NOT condemn your beliefs nor will I. Everyone is entitled to their beliefs and opinions. That's what makes this country great. Do I disagree with them? Absolutely. However, I think no less of you for having them. My issue is the way you approach your fellow man. I have rarely seen such disrespect for humankind. If me saying that makes me a bully in your mind, then by all means, call me a bully. *Continued on next post....

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Man who allegedly threatened Tonganoxie High School principal had gun when arrested

Old_Vet, you never cease to amaze me with your comments on here and the fact that you are still living in 49-51. You are constantly belittling people and their beliefs and opinions on here and condemning them for having a mindset of their own and not that of yours. You are the epitome of a bully. Do you not realize that the things kids say and do have changed tremendously in the last 20 years alone? Do their acts lie at the feet of their parents? Of course they do. However, let's face it, the school has just as much if not more time with our children than we as parents do so there is responsibility on both parts. The part of the parents teaching their children right and wrong and the school enforcing their policies. I can vouch for the fact that my child is not a "whiner" yet has had issues that have upset her to a degree I never thought possible due to things said or done by another girl her age. It's not a matter of the kids being whiners or big bad arses. Many kids are just flat out mean and hateful and enjoy seeing others suffer. So yes, parents need to step up but so do the schools AND THE CHILDRENS ELDERS! If we can't like each other, we should at least tolerate and not hate. With that said, I wish you happiness and a life or prosperity that you can gain by opening your heart and mind.

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Repealer hitting the road to gain public input on what laws need to be repealed

Brownback has yet to listen to the people of Kansas or even his own party for that matter.

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Church's sign to remain pending appeal

Are you serious? You constantly come on here and belittle others and you're the one asking if anyone has accepted Christ and follows the ordinances? Where does dj8cd1 even state that he's Catholic and what right is it of yours to dictate or ask someone when they've last practice any faith? I truly believe that you are the one that needs to seek the guidance of our God. The person was simply stating that tithing could be used in much more useful ways to improve ones community, which he/she is 100% spot on. Would you rather see a sign on the highway or one less person traveling it with a backpack an no place to call home? Actually, I probably already know the answer to that.

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City of Tonganoxie cites West Haven Baptist Church's new sign for code violation

Seriously? Because one points out that another is conforming to hypocrisy at it's finest, that makes them an agnostic and one that holds welfare and government offices in reverence? I would like to think that your mode of thinking would be interesting or even debatable however, unfortunately, it's bliss ignorance. Thanks for daily chuckle though.

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City of Tonganoxie cites West Haven Baptist Church's new sign for code violation

I agree with showinquarters. The old sign was much better for bringing forth a message. I have yet to read what this sign says entirely.

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