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USD 464 board looking at bond issue for $30 million elementary school

The reason for a November vote would be, I think, to avoid additional cost of a special election and the added bonus of higher voter turnout. I think there is still plenty of time for planning, discussion and community feedback - we are well over 4 months away. It's not like it's a new idea for a bond issue and the community knows we need to DO something. I see the difference this time being the focus is where it should be - a new elementary school and different leadership in place to make sure that remains the focus.

The time for input is now - patrons need to attend board meetings, make arrangements to talk to your school board and/or superintendent to talk about your concerns and what you'd like to see in a new elementary school.

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USD 464 board looking at bond issue for $30 million elementary school

An addition to the school would only add a few additional classrooms (when you consider the removal of the outbuildings currently in use) and doesn't solve the problem of moving kids thru lunch (kids are eating their lunch 2 hours after they arrive!!), PE and other activities in the hall.

I didn't vote YES last time, but as long as this plan sticks to JUST a new elementary school - I'm probably IN - we'll just have to see what the finished proposal looks like. So far, this bond will provide a modest building - that can be expanded in the future, allows for space at TMS, moves 5th grade back where it belongs at the elementary and will have a plan to continue to utilize the old TES for other district needs and possibly community needs. In addition, when the need arises (and the need will eventually arise), use it for K-1 if the new elementary becomes overcrowded in 10 years (or whatever time frame that may be). You really can't do a series of small additions over the next 20-30 years - you're limited by space down there. Modest growth at this point has to start with a building that you can add to and work with...a building that can take you into the next 20-30 years. Building a new elementary school now (with the benefit of state aid) allows for that growth down the line and those smaller additions. In the next 20 years, there will probably be bonds (ick - NO ONE likes to hear it or pay for them, but they are necessary) to add to TMS and THS as our district grows. Thankfully, those schools have the space to grow on their current campus - TES just does not.

When we moved here over a decado ago from outside the area - TES could have used some serious updating compared to other schools we visited before choosing Tonganoxie. However, I'm not swayed by shiny district offices, new buildings and sporting venues - it's about teaching staff, environment and what is best for the students. TEN YEARS have passed - we've moved two grades out of TES after building TMS only to be faced with overcrowding again several years down the road. If I were to visit this district again as a possible home - I would have bigger reservations. In fact, if I had a child at TES - I would deeply consider another school - not because of the teaching staff (we've had great teachers thru the years -sure a few sour ones here and there - it happens) - but because what is happening there is UNacceptable.

I hope that every one will keep an open mind. It's too early in the game to make a decision without all the facts of the cost and what will be delivered to patrons. I do encourage the board to keep it simple and strictly about a new elementary school.

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Vandalism occurs at VFW Park

Good grief...What the he** is wrong with people?!? Disgraceful. I hope the community comes together to work to get this replaced/fixed and FIND the misfits responsible.

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Attorneys to don blue jeans to benefit March of Dimes

Blue Jeans for Babies is a great fundraiser for the March of Dimes! Every child born benefits from the March of Dimes whether born prematurely or full-term. Money raised (over $1.8 billion) is used to help every baby get a healthy start in life thru not only life saving research and prenatal education but in newborn screening. Every dollar counts - did you know today that approx. 1400 babies were born prematurely? Chances are someone you know is walking in the March for Babies - consider making a donation to their efforts or signing up to walk yourself!

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ELECTION CENTRAL: USD 464 bond issue fails by about 100 shy of 2-to-1 margin

I was just answering your question about whether public or private school. We are proud to call Tongie home - the town and our district.

I realize that commenting lacks 'tone', but good grief - I never said anything about lying administrators, that it was a ridiculous plan, an evil plot or anything about taking my hard earned money.

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ELECTION CENTRAL: USD 464 bond issue fails by about 100 shy of 2-to-1 margin

You’re right hricane – we can’t make any school 100% safe and as their parents we’re obligated to make their environment as safe as we can…however, the gray area is defining ‘safe’? Wouldn’t you agree that what is safe to one is not at all safe to another parent? Are you aware some parents feel our high school is unsafe due to the high rate of theft among students? I would venture to guess that the majority of parents and students at THS don’t deem the campus unsafe in the physical sense.

Some parents are going to worry about every single worst case scenario in regard to safety. I’ve heard people mention Columbine, you’ve brought up the manhunt a few years back (I remember that as well), etc. However, what we need to recognize about Columbine is that if a student wants to harm another student, even in a mass event, the changes to the physical appearance at THS isn’t going to change that. They will walk right in the front door and right past administrators and Officer Adams and into the building. Think about a few instances we’ve had at TMS in regard to ‘safety’ issues…and they have one entrance. The district handled the manhunt a few years back exactly the way I’d expect them to – they did what was necessary to secure our student body.

If the district were so concerned with safety of our students – why do they let students walk blocks to the city pool? Why does it allow TMS students (as well as THS students) to walk to downtown for parades. Will they continue to allow our elementary students to go outside and wander around downtown visiting the various businesses as a class project? What about field trips? The Natural History Museum one usually has the kids outside (wide open college campus) on the hill enjoying lunch and burning off energy (all well behaved, but – good Lord – what about their safety?!?!?) Ok, I’ll admit that last comment was a tad sarcastic.

Interesting tidbit: Kyle Hayden says on the district website that ‘our schools and community offer a safe place for students to be positively involved in many activities and grown into responsible citizens’. Straight from the leader of our district – a safe place for students.

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ELECTION CENTRAL: USD 464 bond issue fails by about 100 shy of 2-to-1 margin

Why do you feel the high school is unsafe - because the doors are unlocked? Or because students have to walk across the parking lot to another building?

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Pair of one-act plays to take TPAC stage this weekend

Love a night at the theatre & $2...bargain! Looking forward to another great performance at THS!

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ELECTION CENTRAL: USD 464 bond issue fails by about 100 shy of 2-to-1 margin

Is everyone going to be happy with any bond – no. Can a bond pass in Tongie – clearly it can and did in 2004 and surprise...those voters are still here! However, the fact you are using the defeat of this particular bond issue to make generalized statements about the patrons in this district who cared enough to get out and actually vote is appalling. If you want to talk about what is wrong in this town – well, bite your tongue and turn that finger back at yourselves and realize that particular mentality is not helping! I guess because I didn’t agree with the bond proposal I should have just stayed home – um, golly gee…I’m sorry to disappoint but I have voted in every election on every issue since I turned 18 (even while away at college) and that isn’t going to change. I don't vote party lines and I make educated informed decisions based on the information available, my beliefs and what is best for my family - whether for the highest office or the local bonds. I have a voice with my vote and I fully intend to use it. I used it to vote yes in 2004 and no in 2011. If all the ‘no’ voters had stayed home – would you be basking in the glow of a ‘win’ with 670 votes? I’d hope not because pass or fail with the bond --- what speaks volumes is the silent majority of parents/patrons of this district who clearly showed a lack of support with their absence at the polls. Why some people on this forum continue to rant on and on and ON about people voting no to save $ is beyond me. Patrons who voted no – whether for taxes or other reasons – are not the reason the bond failed!

My point is - connect the dots - many of the people who voted no or didn’t vote are many of the people who voted yes in 2004 and quite possibly will vote yes again! The new bond committee needs to be concerned with why a vast majority of voters in our now larger community didn’t get out to vote! Where are all the elementary parents – why didn’t they vote? Straight out of the gate - they need to start with a new set of communication skills. Meaning, they need to encourage their supporters to be assertive (strong, clear and direct) yet responsive communicators, not aggressive (degrading or belittling others for their views, using statements like it’s obvious you haven’t thought this thru, etc.) communicators and to utilize a little active listening (it’s why God gave you two ears and only one mouth). I’m not saying all supporters need this, but clearly a few do. Benjamin Franklin once said a small leak can sink a great ship – there’s some wisdom in that statement.

The fact of the matter is the bond was defeated – the majority of voters, well those that cared enough to vote, have decided. Put on your proverbial big girl panties, accept the fact it didn’t pass, be respectful of your neighbors and stop blaming those who did vote (because many may be voting yes next time) and start asking yourself what you could have done better to get more than 670 votes!

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