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Chieftain soccer wins OT thriller at Bonner Springs

After the game I witnessed tonight at Basehor, I would say that the coach encourages dirty fighting, trash talking and fist throwing. I was embarrassed to be from Tongie tonight.

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Mayor Mike Vestal resigns

I would love to see Jason Ward accept the Mayor position. He would bring education, ability and professionalism to the position...that's been missing for a LONG time. It's too bad that the former Mayor didn't resign years ago when he FIRST did this. We do not need a Mayor like that to represent our city.

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Do you agree with the city charging different rates at Tonganoxie Water Park depending upon where a person lives?

I definitely think charging people who don't live in Tonganoxie extra to use the water park is justified. The Tonganoxie residents already pay extra taxes for the water park, which is worth, charging people from Bonner Springs, Basehor, McClouth, etc...makes perfect sense. Keep the costs down for the people who live HERE. It is called the TONGANOXIE Water Park, afterall.

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