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Letter: Humane Society not anti-farmers

The Humane Society of the United States is notorious for misleading consumers by showing "worse case scenarios" and playing it off like that's the norm. Only 1/2 of 1% of HSUS donations actually go directly to animals for their care...all other goes to lobbying efforts or to fatten their own pockets....don't believe, check out their 2008 tax filing! Over 40 execs were paid well over 100K while your local & not related humane societies struggle to keep their shelter open daily. Want to help animals, donate local!!!

Cage-free and free range are exposed to many more potential problems than caged....for instance: in free-range they are open to predators such as hawks, foxes, etc., also open to the weather (blazing hot, freezing cold, rain, etc) so their mortality can be around 3 times higher than caged. While cage free are better than free range they still face issues such as disease and an unforgiving "pecking order." In caged the hens are kept separate from manure, if cage free they walk around in it, lay their eggs in it, and unfortunately eat it and can get coccidiosis which will basically make their insides bleed. So while caged limit their freedom, if the producer is UEP certified the birds are kept in a humane manner so that they can stand up, turn around, move freely and hav access to food and water 100% of the time and be closely monitored so that each bird can get adequate care. HSUS loves to say they can't stretch their wings....1) that is false if they are UEP certified 2) do we as humans stand around w/ our arms extended all day long? I think not so to act like we all (and chickens) need to stand around all day w/ their arms extended is just plain silly. Simply put mortality is 2 and 3 times higher in cage-free and free-range. Happy healthy chickens don't die!!!

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