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Letter to the editor: Longtime Tonganoxie resident concerned about bond issue

momtongie and tongiekid:
I agree 100%!

Tell you what they are thinking...ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT.

The best way to spur on the economy is to find ways to employ people. We employ people by building. Building new schools will bring more people. The more people we have in this community the more rooftops we will have. The more rooftops we have the more our local economy will grow. By not building new schools when we need it we will just give people a good reason to leave or bypass our community and head on down the road to other places. We don't have to look far to see how other thriving communities on the outskirts of KC have done it. Those places continually support new school construction. Quality schools with quality facilties will build a quality community where many will choose to raise their family.

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School district can't build off-site streets, can be part of special assessment

It appears that the blog history of "Silence" is one of consistent skepticism of school administration. At the same time, the blogs support classroom teachers. Classic case of a KNEA activist???
I support our teachers but will not do so at the cost of throwing others under the bus. This is a very sad testimony for someone claiming to be pro-education citizen. Creating more public doubt in Tonganoxie is so helpful to those who are seeking progress. This is especially true in a community that loves to live in the past and ignore the possibilities of the future.

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