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Friends swap 4-H projects for new challenge at Leavenworth County Fair

please edit this story! These boys bred their OWN animals and then traded. That's what the great thing about this story is. They did all of the breeding and then gave eachother an animal to raise and help the other learn about the breed. Sam Got Grand champion market hog and Lane got reserve champion market hog with Littermates that Sam bred in his own little barn. Please fix this!! This awesome story of the boys needs to be told correctly! Thanks

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Man arrested for allegedly threatening THS principal

I understand this fathers frustrations. Parents are feeling more and more up against a wall when their complaints are going unnoticed. They are tired of not being heard, or being avoided . This policy needs yo be strictly enforced. I am afraid some good students will be going elsewhere for their education, as I have been told some already have.

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