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Will you be voting in the April 5 election?

Everyone should vote unless they want their taxes raised in this economy, schools don't need upgraded, access roads aren't needed, county road 1 is going no where and government needs to be downsized as well as current council members who think money grows on trees must go.

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Letter to the editor: Longtime Tonganoxie resident concerned about bond issue

Tonganoxie School District will raise their tax levy for the school bonds. Tonganoxie City will raise their tax levy for the access roads to the school. The City Administrators have already sold the land on the river for a $200,000 loss, committed us to paying for improvements to county road 1 and if the 237 acres they bought on county road 1 ever develope then we will have to pay for utilities and road access there also. Our School and City Administrators spend a lot of money in the name of safety and developement. In this time of economic downturn with higher fuel prices and commodities now is not the time to raise taxes. I agree with Mr. Snapp. Just remember which public official votes for or against certain items and remember that at election time. It is time that they realize that money does not grow on trees. People pay a lot to live out here and drive long distances to and from work. Wake up people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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