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Tonganoxie City Council OKs police station feasibility study

Amen to Help with your comment above. I also have a family member that is a police officer, and these men need a building that is not causing major health issues. From the stories that have hit the paper in the last few months, it appears that Chief Brandau is making every effort to cut some costs and fall within a reasonable budget. They have sold off police cars, are operating with a reduced number of full-time officers, have made uniform and camera changes to benefit the community and their department. Let's step up and take care of them. I realize that there is POSSIBLY a long-term benefit to the industrial park project, but there are long-term health issues that these officers ARE facing. Not to mention, I have to agree, that I would rather, as a tax-payer, pay for a new police station than pay out a fortune in lawsuits should it come to that. Let's do the right thing here, and it can still be done reasonably. I am actually really disappointed in the city of Tonganoxie for allowing this situation to be put on the back burner and not doing something about this long ago.

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Early morning chase ends with arrest

Well then I commend you on at least making a report. And if you did see it firsthand then you are absolutely right in doing so. I may be a little defensive because I have soft spot when it comes to our police officers. And, we do have a new chief that I have a ton of respect for.

However, I will say based on the last part of your post, it appears they may not have swept this one under the rug?!

My concern with the story (which has nothing to do with the comment you posted) is that one of our officers was injured and from the sounds of it, it could have been much worse. Its frustrating when you read a story like this and the only comments about it are unrelated to the actual story and are only concerned with bashing the entire department and the officials in charge. What about commending the officer on a job well done and for putting his life on the line everyday? What about some respect for these guys that are out there day after day dealing with people like this. Law enforcement is constantly under a magnifying glass (and they should be to a certain extent). But, when I read this story, the last though in my mind was what some other officer did wrong on some other day at some other time and whether or not the city handled it correctly. My thought was that the officer in the story was lucky he was not seriously hurt and what a shame it is that people have such a lack of respect for police officers. So, then, to follow up that feeling by reading your comment really was completely frustrating.

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Early morning chase ends with arrest

sraightup- In response to your rambling with absolutely no factual proof other than heresay...have you gone to the City Administrator or Mayor or Chief Brandau or a Council Meeting to discuss your concern and give them the whole "truthful" story about the accounts with the "drunk police officer" yourself. You mentioned that "several citizens" called in and reported this. Did they witness firsthand that the officer had been drinking or did they hear from someone who heard from someone else who's cousin's friend's mom told them? Did you witness any of this yourself? This is the other major issue with small town Tonganoxie. We tend to fire up the rumor mill. Sort of like the old game of telephone when we were kids. The end result never resembles anything like the original. You also mention the other officers that were with him are just as guilty. Well, if that's the case then are you also guilty of spreading the rumors around and being quick to post your opinion, but doing nothing productive about it?? In my adult life I have learned that unless you have seen it with your eyes, heard it with your ears, or felt it with your hands then you should probably refrain from commenting and story-telling. Most of us, by the time we hit high school have a firm grasp on how rumors are started and know that 9 times out of 10...most of that rumor is completely inaccurate. I suppose some of us may not have learned though...obviously...which is exactly why this ridiculous cycle never seems to end. Sorry, but my thoughts are grow up and if you do know with 100% certainty something like this is something productive about it.

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