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Man who allegedly threatened Tonganoxie High School principal had gun when arrested

Agreed Old Vet on all points.
That's a good point too on the probability that the police could be finding out more due to the awareness.
I know that in a situation regarding some family that came up, the police actually requested audience with family upon hearing about the situation to share some things and learn. It was kind of surprising.

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Man who allegedly threatened Tonganoxie High School principal had gun when arrested

Considering this is at leat the 6th "bullying" issue to make it all the way to the cops just since the beginning of the school year, I'd say this needs to be stamped out (lawsuits as the least of the reasons). Granted this situation made it to the police in a different way than the others.
As one who is very close to the family in question, he is one who probably had the ability to become somewhat unhinged (as proven by this action). But knowing what happened, I can't say I completely blame him. Sometimes when things get covered up in school, you feel like you're truly at war with them.
Peace, love, and death metal to you all...

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City of Tonganoxie cites West Haven Baptist Church's new sign for code violation

Wow, did the Freedom From Religion group from Madison, WI come down here to complain after their little stop in Kentucky (to once again go ruin someone else's town). Damn people, learn to drive and quit being a bunch of whiners when someone has something you don't want them to have. Peace, love, and death metal to you all....except you FFR, local complainers, and heck, lets' throw the local govt in there too.

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Opinion: Fighting for education

And that would be why I'm leaving the republican party, 'cus we conservatives, who were the staple of the party, are now the outcasts, and called inflamatory things like "the new wing", with what I might call a sarcastic tone of "you're ruining our damn moderate party you meanies".

Peace, love, and death metal to all...

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Staying true blue for 60 years

dude, awesome post. love the marxist quote. as much as i've never been much of a fan of many dems over the years, or their policy, i've never been "scared" of them in office and have even found some i'd vote for. but this new one is the ruth bader ginsberg version of a dem, without the checks and balances we'd be the EU/Venezuela hybrid real soon. i appreciate a couple with the longstanding devotion to their country, but in the end, they're no different than the dumb suburban kids in college wearing "che" shirts with no real intellectual honesty to understand it's historical context (or in their situation, that a dem of today isn't what a dem of yesteryear was). God bless, peace, love, and deathmetal.....

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