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Busting out the notebook

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Governor's plan for managed care raising concerns

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.And we've got to put at the rear of us your memory for what it absolutely was like to make sure you walk along side boulevard about broken ambitions.<br />
<br />
We as well must know that greatness just isn't easy.<br />
<br />
In the inspired moment, we may make enormous develop, but, at some point, we surface against a boundary of our world-view, our collection of circumstances, and we are not aware of how to move beyond them.<br />
<br />
The globe we are now living in now is a bed that we manufactured from what people knew prior to when.<br />
<br />
A NEW dream, on the other hand, calls for people to extend, to move beyond practical experience, and even to go beyond our knowledge of how issues work.<br />
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It can be beyond a invisible boundary with the world that we have made our dream awaits individuals, beckoning us all to step in the unknown

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TOPS Meeting in Tonganoxie

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Nathan Stacy scored a game-high 26 points for Mill Valley in a 77-65 victory against Tonganoxie.

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