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Leavenworth County Commission reverses airport decision after arrival of FAA e-mail

I appreciate the factual manner, in which, this article was written. First, the BOCC is committed to a vote of the people before any land is acquired or dirt turned. However, to provide the citizens the full information for decision making studies need to be done. If the studies demonstrate an airport/business park would have positive financial impact on Lvn Cty then a bond issue supporting the airport/business park would be placed on the ballot for a citizen’s vote. At any point if a study demonstrates a negative result the pursuit will end.
I'd like to note the statement of “— as much as $250,000 before all were done, Tellefson conceded" has the potential to be misunderstood. If the total cost of the studies were $250,000, the amount the Lvn Cty participants would expend $12,500 or only 5% of the total with the FAA providing the remaining balance.

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