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Tonganoxie Citywide Cleanup is April 28

What a disappointment! They were turning people away long before they were supposed to close up. We had loaded our truck with paint and drove it up there for nothing. Also had a TV and they had quit taking electronics and said they were closing it up early. :(

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Police contemplating updated officer garb

It is a little intimidating as it looks like SWAT gear but it is so much more practical than the belts. I don't even know how officers can quickly enter and exit their vehicles with all that gear on their belts. As long as they are serving and protecting the public as they have sworn to do and are upholding their oath to preserve the constitution I don't care what they wear.

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Tonganoxie football coach Mark Elston resigns

Silverhorn (whom I suspect is Elston),

You don't have a years wages to bet anymore!

Enjoy watching from the bleachers.

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Tonganoxie football coach Mark Elston resigns

Now that he resigned I think he should do what he required his players to do when they could no longer take the abuse he bestowed upon them.

With the entire community circling him he should have to take the walk of shame up to a bucket in the middle of the crowd, remove the rock he's been forced to carry every day from his pocket, drop it in the bucket, then turn and face the community and state "I, Coach Elston, am a QUITTER!!!" (as the community laughs and jeers at him).

In this instance, however, I'll grant him a pass. I'm so pleased he's gone that I can do without the public humiliation he bestowed upon his players.

Just glad he's gone.

Goodbye and Good Riddance!

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Tonganoxie football coach Mark Elston resigns


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Tonganoxie football coach Mark Elston resigns

I wish there was a like button for the first poster. He hit the nail on the head. There have been numerous complaints and there would likely be more if players didn't fear the repercussions of the coach and their teammates if they speak out. There's no reward in telling. Nothing gets resolved, Elston gets a slap on the wrist, and the player suffers the consequences for the remainder of the season.

I have seen him publicly humiliate players, be rude to parents, and prance around like an overgrown peacock with Napoleon Syndrome for far too long. It's definitely time for change. A new program with a new coach. Time to make football fun again. Teens shouldn't be terrorized to be part of a team.

Come on Tonganoxie! We're better than this!

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Tonganoxie police shoot armed man, Leavenworth County Sheriff's Office investigating

The man shot is a victim until he is proven guilty. The article clearly states the man was 'allegedly' a party to the disturbance. Until proven otherwise he is a gunshot victim and it is appropriate to refer to him as such.

As for the officer being the victim for having to shoot someone. I disagree. That is part of his job if necessary. Something he signed up for. Are our soldiers victims because they shoot people? No. They are just doing their jobs.

The information has been very vague so far. Let's not jump to conclusions until we have the facts.

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City plans 'stimulus package'

It seems to me the residents who chose to remain in our older homes when the new subdivisions began being built are the ones that always end up getting the shaft in these deals. We should not have to pay extra taxes to give money to new people to move to our town when our own neighborhoods are in such disrepair. All areas outside of the new subdivisions should receive a revitalization stimulus without having to pay higher taxes for this new incentive program.

So, we 'inner city' residents get thrown a bone. A tax discount for home improvements over $5,000.00. Big deal. I wonder if that tax break would even be enough to cover the increased taxes for this great idea the city has.

I'm so sick of being overlooked in favor of newcomers that I'd move to another town if my own home had any value left to it. All this new construction has completely destroyed the equity in my home. The market is in a big enough slump. The last thing homeowners outside of these subdivisions need is more subdivisions. The value of those homes soars while ours continue to decline, and we're expected to pay for it?

Exactly who does the city represent anyway? The only people who will benefit from this incentive are the builders, realtors, lenders and new buyers. There has been an $8,000.00 federal tax incentive to new home buyer's all year. If that didn't work, what makes you think this will?

So much for small town government. Isn't this exactly what Congress did? Bail out the big corporations? There's no need for developers to lobby. This is more than they could have asked or lobbied for. How is this a "more neutral" approach?

Welcome to Tonganoxie folks. Here's several thousand dollars to help you buy a new home in one of our nice subdivisions. Just make sure to look straight ahead while driving your kids to the grade school or you might find yourselves looking straight in the face of the ghetto.

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What do you remember about where you were when you heard the news of the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11, 2001?

If I said where I was I could not stay anonymous, so suffice it to say it was a very memorable, frightening, and life-changing day that truly will never be forgotten.

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Homecoming hero

I'm beaming with pride for our school, our citizens, and our town. Tonganoxie is setting the bar that every school system in the nation should strive for.


Congratulations Austin!

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