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Police putting more emphasis on school areas next month

Thank you law enforcement officials. I'm sure those who receive a citation won't be so happy with you, but thank you for watching out for our kids.

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Tonganoxie City Council hears U.S. 24-40 traffic concerns

I believe that both intersections are equally dangerous, but not sure that two lights are necessary. I feel that the speed limit on 24-40 through Tonganoxie needs to be slowed down considerably. For vehicles to be traveling 50 mph past B&J intersection is not necessary. There have been serious accidents there as well. I wonder what the outcome would be to slow down traffic at Conoco to 40 or 45 mph, keeping it that speed until Main Street, then dropping it down to 30 mph past the high school and through the South area of town. Its a miracle that someone using the crossing light at Sonic has been hit yet because of the prevailing speeds there. Just some additional thoughts.

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NO PLACE LIKE HOME: Tonganoxie High debate team earns 1st state title since 2010

Congratulations Mr. Harrell and students. You have worked hard for this and are very deserving to wear the state champion crown.

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NO CLASSES: Basehor-Linwood USD 458, Tonganoxie USD 464, Genesis Christian Academy cancel Thursday classes due to inclement weather

Ask to have your named removed from the call list then you can complain about not getting a call at all.

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Voters approve new elementary school

jjacj: have you not read any of the articles previously published regarding the new school? Please, before you attempt to cause controversy do your homework and be clear on what you are speaking about.

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USD 464 board looking at bond issue for $30 million elementary school

Will there be community informational meetings as there had been in the past? Or, will the information just be discussed at Board meetings. If people are reading these posts they are getting lots of different view points but need to go to meetings first hand and hear the information themselves.....then make a decision on whether to vote yes or no based on what they themselves learn, not just what other people what to write in these posts. Yes, thank you Dan for putting as much information from the Board's view point. It is very refreshing to have you as a community leader identify yourself on this forum. If KansanJayhawk is Dennis Bixby and he is claiming it is not him, then that should tell you what type of individual you are voting for in the next election. If he is truly "for the good of the people" he should not be afraid to put his name behind his views.

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Letter to the editor: Vote needed on prayers at Historical Society meetings

Why not pray? If you are part of the minority that isn't Christian, then you don't have to participate in the prayer.

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What were the top five stories of 2011?

Could we not come up with some positive things to nominate as top 5 stories?

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Mayor wants plan before requesting KDOT lower highway speed limit

Don't speed or do what ever you do to get the traffic violation. The safety of the people around you are in jeopardy when you do things you aren't supposed to be doing.

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Making calls for the wild

Thank you Glen. You are appreciated!

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