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Letters to the editor: Community must work together in preparing for next bond issue; LAWS applauded for pet spay/neuter coupons

Mr. Hopkins, aka "Old Vet", I am glad you supported the bond. However, why are you now throwing the committee under the bus? This letter made me very uncomfortable. A lot of people, including myself, worked very hard for this bond election. Consultants, the board, the superintendent, committee members, and several community volunteers put a lot of time and effort trying to getting this passed. You voted yes for the plan? And then apologize for it? It's almost hurtful to read your letter.
On a side note, building one enormous elementary school is a horrible idea. Building a new school with the possibility of housing 1000 kids is just crazy talk. Isn't that what we are trying to get away from now? And by the way, aren't staff and janitors hired based on the number of students and size of the building? So, no, two buildings will not be less efficient. Actually, the most efficient thing would be to use both buildings. That was said by the consultants and the committee. Anything else would cost the taxpayer more. I learned that at a community meeting.
Regardless, I guess all of this chatter is becoming a waste of time. As per usual, only about five people in Tongie are probably reading this and actually care.
Thank you for your time.

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ELECTION CENTRAL: USD 464 bond issue fails by about 100 shy of 2-to-1 margin

Re-read your posts. It's pretty much implied that you should have been in charge of this entire project.

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ELECTION CENTRAL: USD 464 bond issue fails by about 100 shy of 2-to-1 margin

"Good ol' 464" is right! I'm with you, chokes! I think those lying administrators and board members were just looking out for themselves when they came up with this ridiculous plan. It was all just one evil plot to take your hard earned money. Trust no one!

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ELECTION CENTRAL: USD 464 bond issue fails by about 100 shy of 2-to-1 margin

You are so right. I agree that our top adminstrators deserve to be working in the old automotive shed. Why should they get anything nice? Why show any respect to our professionals? They are a bunch of deceitful, money-grubbing, out for themselves type of people. There are much better people out there clammoring for their jobs. If new teachers and administrators coming into the district look down on us just because they are interviewed in an old tin shed, then they don't deserve to work in our trailors. I mean buildings. And as for those darn adminstrators? I say let's clean house. I'm sure there are hundreds, if not thousands, of high-quaility, certified candidates that are ready to take on the issues in Tonganoxie. I'm sure they would have done a bajillion times better on passing this bond. I'm so glad we are so much smarter than every one in charge of this district!

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ELECTION CENTRAL: USD 464 bond issue fails by about 100 shy of 2-to-1 margin

Voter turnout was pathetic. Agreed. Sad to say that the public thinks that fixing the safety of the high school is an "extra". People are more sympathetic to an overcrowded elementary school than an unsafe high school. Every door unlocked during the day? No problem. They're old enough.
Artichokes--do you send your children to public school or private school?

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ELECTION CENTRAL: School bond issue soundly defeated; Peak, Bixby elected to council; Becker to join school board

Congratulations! What a victory!
I truly hope that those 1,111 no votes have a solution for our overcrowded and unsafe schools. Perhaps the "vote no" committee, who invested over 1000 bucks in a newspaper ad and signs, can hire a consultant to advise them on what is best for kids. And they can form a committee to meet about it. And they can make an informed decision and present it to the community. Oh wait.....that was already done....... Well, anyhoo, I'm sure they will come up with a much more educated and cost effective solution! I can't wait to hear it. I expect to see an article in the newspaper soon about what their plans are. Or, perhaps the nice lady, Gretchen Busche, will do another interview on tv with her ideas. I'm all ears.
Oh well, at least our property taxes won't go up! Whew! Times are tough, so I'm sure this no vote will definitely be a positive for our community. No further sacrifices will have to be made in the name of public education or those darn ankle biters.
Between Cerner, the soccer complex, the casino, and now Google moving into Wyandotte county, I'm so relieved that Tongie has retained it's small town goals! Once again, congrats!
Oh, and if Mr. Tanking could return all of those "vote yes" signs to the yards he was seen taking them out of, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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2011 Candidate Questionnaire: Tonganoxie School Board candidate Jonathan Boone

I'm not buying what he's selling. Isn't his wife's position a bit of a conflict of interest? You can't tell me he doesn't know confidential things he shouldn't. "Licensed personnel trips? In house expenditures?" .....interesting..... I'm sure looking at those things will save the district MILLIONS. "Work with the administrators to keep class sizes small" are you going to do that? By volunteer teaching? Finding teachers to work for free? Geesh. Our future looks bleak with these people running for the board.

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Traffic study finds new streets not needed for intermediate school

kanfarmer and JerryB--
Former board members, former superintendent--happened over four years ago. Move on.
There was no "new" vocal room built. Over forty students are currently housed in a regular classroom.
The "coffee shop" is part of an entreprenuer class. More importantly, it is a student activity room that improves school climate, culture, and improves attendance. If you want to talk about the high school, let's talk about how much better the students there do now than they used to. Kudos to the current administration for having vision and doing what's right for kids. I guess in the good old days people were forced to resign for unethical behavior (affairs, stealing....).
Sorry to say, you were probably told the wrong thing in the past bond election about "building on". Maybe that's why we have a new superintendent, new board members, and a new architect on this project. Perhaps instead of you bemoaning the "wrongdoings" of the last bond, you should have been on the planning committee back then. Once again, move on.
By the way, just out of curiousity, did you attend Tonganoxie schools, "kanfarmer"?

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Traffic study finds new streets not needed for intermediate school

Okay, fire the bad teachers, pay for merit, hire better does this help overcrowding again? I'm not following.

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Safety, security issues addressed in bond issue

"The fact of the matter is, teachers worship at the altar of snow days and that is just another indication of how sick our education system is: most don't really care about the kids or their futures, just punching that timeclocking, rushing to get tenured, and then retire at 55 with a pension. If they can hit those milestones with fewer working days each year, all the better."--Jason2007 blog Feb. 4, 2011
I stand corrected. You don't cut and paste, you just repeat yourself. Yes, I am the pot calling the kettle black. I just had to look back at your old posts and find this one, because I knew I'd read something similar to what you posted today in a past comment.
And you are correct, I have only posted on this issue. I have not posted over 82 distinct comments on a variety of issues. You really got me there.
And by the way, I do not work for the district. No one is really working right now, we're all wasting time on these darn comments.

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