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Tonganoxie municipal Court proceedings for October 2011

How are they overly aggressive?? It's not like they are writing tickets for going a few miles over like Lansing! These people are doing at least 10 over!

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City to campaign for lower speed limits on U.S. Highway 24-40 in east Tonganoxie

I think the speed limit should be reduced down to 45 right after 206th street, right as you are going up the hill entering Tongie. I live off of South Park Drive and there are many days that I fear having to cross this street with the speeds the way they are. It is not reduced to 55 until the intersection going west and going east the speed increases to 65. This is rediculous. It would be nice to have a stop light here, not at Laming. There is Woodfield Drive that you can take that will go to Laming. Why the extra expense of the proposed plan? Also it seems that the city is more concerned with the CR 1 project than helping to reduce traffic accidents. they would rather spend hundreds of thousands on a "possible" plan that "may" work rather than to fix a problem we most definitely have right now.

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Police contemplating updated officer garb

I have yet to meet and LEO in Tongie that is unapproachable. I have found all of them to be friendly and easy to talk to. As far as I knew they are a part of the community no matter what uniform they wear. this uniform gives them the ability to relieve some of the weight of the all the gear that they are required to wear. And on top of that it saves the city money. If people are of the attitude that the police are out to get them, maybe they need to take a better look at themselves. If your paranoid about the police then you are obviously doing something wrong. Same goes for the kids. Most parents are not teaching their kids to respect authorites, to include officers, teachers, parents even.

I am all for the new uniforms. They will enable the officers much needed relief to their bodies. If you want to question, try and wear all that gear and function on your job!

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