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I hate it here: part 1

it keeps blocking the beginning. so here it is

" There is a famous quote that goes "children are the future". I was never happy about this one but sadly had to agree that it is inevitable. However, thanks to the simplicity of a famous cartoon, the quote was finished with "unless we stop them now". Everyday I find myself repeating this not as a personal mantra, but as a way to sum up how I witness today's youth aspiring to be all the nothing they can be.
I sit, in a Spanish class. The teacher has decided that due to our knowledge of the words for the body parts that we should draw. "I want you to draw a new species and label the body parts in Spanish." *awkward silence from the class* "Does anyone know what the word species means?"
I scoff and mutter of course, and apparently, I was the only one."

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they should combine the places. Chipera

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