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USD 464 eyes bond issue

As mentioned in the other bond issue article, Kansanjayhawk has never posed as you, and has denied all accusations of such claims.

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USD 464 board looking at bond issue for $30 million elementary school

12345 is correct. Kansanjayhawk has denied all accusations that you and he are one in the same.

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USD 464 board looking at bond issue for $30 million elementary school

Yes. When I said that "one of the problem 'breeds' are brown recluses", I was intending for that to be interpreted as "one of the problem breeds located at the school".

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USD 464 board looking at bond issue for $30 million elementary school

I think the idea of continuing to use the existing building, including sharing it with various other public entities, is a way to appease the people that said the last thing we need is a vacant lot that big downtown. Yes, doing so would continue to incur maintenance costs, however, those costs would be shared with the various agencies that utilize the building. But as the whole issue is still in the planning stages, it may well be determined that keeping the existing building is a giant waist of money. So be it.

As Big_Dan has indicated, the existing building is a money pit, and will take significant costs to bring it to snuff, so to speak. Sure, bringing it up to snuff will cost less in the short term, but the ongoing high maintenance costs are not expected to fit within the budget restraints in the future. And as Big_Dan mentions, these maintenance costs are not "bondable" costs. It all has to do with Kansas law on how School Districts and Municipalities operate their finances. Plus, doing this will not provide any long term relief from the over-crowding.

Finally, in regards to the spiders... I personally know that one of the problem "breeds" are brown recluses. Interesting fact about brown recluses, pesticides are ineffective in controlling their population, and a KU study actually showed that recluse populations increase after "bug bombing". It turns out that killing all the other bugs turns your home/ business into a buffet for recluses! Traps are the only reasonably effective way to get them, but they are still difficult to catch. I'm not suggesting we build a new school because we can't kill a bunch of spiders. I'm saying we build a new school because the current building is crazy over-crowded, a money pit as far as maintenance costs are concerned, inefficient as far as energy costs are concerned, out of room for any expansion (except on top), and that with low interest rates, lower than normal construction costs, and state aid in place to pay for an estimated 1/3rd of the project, we will get more bang for our buck. Oh, AND there are spiders and the playground floods. In my opinion, the building has exceeded it's useful life, and we've gotten about as much out of it as we can get without significant costs and prohibitive maintenance costs in the future that won't fit into the budget (thereby stressing other budgeted items).

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USD 464 board looking at bond issue for $30 million elementary school


I feel like if I told you it was 102 degrees today, you'd find some way to doubt and dispute me. Are you so spiteful that you can't, for the life of you, trust that ANYthing someone says in support of a new school may actually be true?

Instead of a bond issue, I reckon we should be voting on whether or not to name you Supreme Ruler of Tonganoxie. I mean, you obviously have a tremendous factual knowledge of electricity, plumbing, topography, finance, politics, psychology, education, building maintenance, and no doubt countless other skills that I'm too dumb and lazy to list. Indeed, instead of discussing this bond issue any further, we should simply ask you for your vision of the future for our town, and get to work on that right away! We will, of course, make sure to construct a glorious temple and throne for you, fashioned of gold and jewels, before we do anything to help this town. ALL HAIL 12345!!!

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Two new Basehor restaurants spring up

I wish the best of luck to both entities! I hope they both become destinations, and inspire someone to bring their passion to Tonganoxie!

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USD 464 board looking at bond issue for $30 million elementary school

Thank you, Big_Dan, for being so willing to come here and provide us with some of your insight. I hope your fair and honest information will help to inspire ALL of the public to come join the discussion with open eyes and a willingness to find a true solution. I've voiced my beliefs, and at the end of the day, I'm optimistic we can find some way to make this work, even if "my way" isn't what the majority agrees with. Let's throw politics aside, and work together to find a solution!

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USD 464 board looking at bond issue for $30 million elementary school


How well would it sit with you and the community if we passed a smaller bond now, and built an addition to the grade school (which would likely need to be built where the trailers and quonset hut are now, so the addition would likely have to be big enough to make up for those AND add some classrooms), and then, in 3 to 4 years came back with another small bond to make additions to the MIDDLE school, which is then overcrowded because of the big classes that are overcrowding the GRADE school now. And then, in another 3 to 4 years, came back with another small bond to build more additions to the grade school, because the minor additions we made 6 to 8 years prior are now insufficient to support the student population. And then, in another 3 to 4 years, came back with a bond to build... etc, etc.

As I understand it, the last bond issue that passed, to build the middle school, was considered by the District at that time (under Dr. Erickson's guidance) to be Phase 1 in at least a 3 phase cycle. Phase 1 was the middle school, which also opened up room in both the grade school and high school. Phase 2 was a grade school. Now, here we are trying to get phase 2 accomplished, and people are frustrated because it's so recent (8 years?) to the last bond issue. That makes me doubtful that people will jump up and down for excitement when we end up "going in stages", as you suggest.

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USD 464 board looking at bond issue for $30 million elementary school

Wow. You went to all that trouble? Still, I miss your point. Yes, I said those things. And I said them in regards to matters both regarding a school bond and regarding other things.

Anti-progress and anti-growth people DO bug me. How many times have you heard someone new to town comment on here about it not being a very friendly town? I've heard it from more than one person, and I have a neighbor who's lived here his whole life that voted against the last bond because he didn't want new people coming to town. That bugs me!

And yes, if you really understood the need for a new school, and you voted no in the last election, you're part of the reason why there isn't a new building under construction, and you're part of the reason why hricane23 and 12345 are arguing again!

And as for my comments on Mr. Bixby, those are completely separate from the bond issue, and were made in regards to his campaign for a County Commission seat. I do not believe Mr. Bixby will work with anyone with an opposing view to come a mutually agreeable solution. But again, I don't see how that's relevant...

Regardless, I can quote you, too...

"everyone else should get together and pray to Allah"

"let's just get rid of all the officers and set up traffic cameras!"

"I learned just fine in that old building on Shawnee St, and my kid can too."

You said all of those things, too.

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USD 464 board looking at bond issue for $30 million elementary school

It stands to reason that I would think those that disagree with my views are wrong. That's the point of disagreeing! As for their reasons being "bad", I will say that, in my opinion, most of the reasons I've heard against a new school are questionable at the least, and bad at he worst. But just as you're able to come here and say that a new $18mill building is a bad idea and that we can build additions, I'm able to come here and say that is a bad plan.

Here's the way I see it... I'm for it, and you're against it. Neither of us is going to change the other's mind. We are battling for the minds of the undecided. So, yes, I will be firm and outspoken to point out what I see as flaws in the opposition's arguments. It doesn't mean I'm saying I'm smarter than anybody else, any more than it means you're saying you're smarter than anybody else.

And I, too, will pay more than the average homeowner, and am aware that local businesses will pay more than me. The tax code is the tax code. Some will pay less than the average, too. And in my opinion (again), we shouldn't maintain the way things are now in order to keep some from having a higher burden.

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