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Clinger: An offer of support inspired by Lady Gaga

What is truly remarkable to me is that a pastor (a guy who professes the gospel of Jesus Christ) is openly gay, attending a Lady Gaga concert, and participating in this sort of activity. Though I firmly believe that EVERYONE has worth and is precious, I also firmly believe that homosexuality is a sin -- the Bible is very clear on this subject. Jesus loved everyone; he called us all to repent from sin and to live a different life that is holy and pleasing to God. Surely homosexuality is a sin and not a holy lifestyle (this lifestyle is called detestable by the Lord).

It's one thing to sin and then repent and try to do better today than I did yesterday -- it's quite another to be in open rebellion and leading a congregation on top of that.

Bullying is detestable; there's no excuse for this in any form or fashion. At the same time, Scripture is very clear about how the Shepherds (i.e., pastors and elders) are to live. Open homosexuality (with no remorse and teaching that this lifestyle is ok) along with having no qualms about attending an exceptionally secular and hedonistic concert are grounds for needing to step down from pastorship. Though you mention Lady Gaga having encouraging words to the crowd, her music and presentation (as you admit) are dripping with such unholiness that it would make a citizen of Pompeii blush.

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THS 2012 ACT scores in line with state averages

Yea for mediocrity! Average scores means average education; and in America, average education equates to the bottom of the barrel when compared to other leading nations. We should be ashamed of "average". It's no wonder companies like Sylvan Learning are making money hand over fist and franchise opportunities in the Sylvan system are flourishing like never before. Makes me want to invest in one; after all, it appears that the prospective customer base of kids completely lost about how to balance and equation or how to diagram a sentence is bountiful in Tonganoxie.

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THS football opens season with early morning practice

Is Turner Gill coaching the Chieftains this year? Seriously..."Believe!"

Believing in football is for quadricorn loving softies who need brownies and capri suns handed out by their mommies after the game.

"Prove it!" Should be the motto - that's what football is about.

Good luck with your 1-7 season!

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The new television season is here. Are there any shows you're eager to watch?

No network TV for me. It's nothing but trash and does nothing but make us sit like drooling morons in front of the flashing images. Just watch a TV show with no volume; not one camera angle will last more than 5 seconds before flipping to another angle. Why is this? Because our culture has the attention span of a kindergartner.

I only watch History Channel, Discovery, or National Geographic. I'd rather learn something interesting about the world around me and the people who are achieving great things than be one of the people watching Dancing with the Stars who will never achieve anything great.

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What are your thoughts on President Obama's proposed American Jobs Act he laid out for Congress this past week?

Now this is a great question and I loved both responses. Well thought out, deliberate. One question: Why do we ask a high schooler what they think about anything that lasts longer than 45 seconds, doesn't involve a video game or sports, and is tied into the subject-matter taught in a Civics class? It's a waste of time to even ask -- you know the answer (Was it on MTV? Didn't see that on Facebook.)

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Are you concerned about the United States' lowered credit rating?

How does debt and eating fit together? I may be dense but I don't get how $14 Trillion dollars in the hole equates to bread, Debbie. Just because we historically have raised the debt limit doesn't mean we should blindly push forward and continue reckless spending. If families raise their debt limits, they raise their credit card or mortgage debt. Bankruptcy is the only outcome with that kind of fiscal approach.

This kind of mentality of "oh well, it's cool -- hey, here's something bright and shiny to take you eye off of the ball -- steak, let's eat" is what worries me most about our nation. We are a country of lemmings who will blindly follow the one in front of us off the cliff.

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Do you think the federal government should raise the debt ceiling?

Rhonda: This is why civics has failed us in America and why the vast majority of the populace are too uninformed to even cast a vote in a general election. If we do not raise the debt ceiling, we will have our nation's credit rating downgraded big time. This means that we would not be able to fund much of anything since we're spending roughly $200B a month more than we bring in in revenues.

They have to raise the debt ceiling. I do agree that we need to cut spending and get our budget in line so we don't have to raise our debt ceiling again next year or the year after that. Entitlements need to be cut along with discretionary spending...across the board. Social Security needs to be privatized, Medicare simply needs to be phased out, and we need to get to either a flat tax or a national sales tax instead of this insane progressive tax code that benefits those wealthy enough to hire a full-time, dedicated, high-powered CPA to exploit the loopholes baked in by the wealthy for the wealthy.

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Have you been following the Republican presidential campaigns and debate?

Ben: Those same primary voters you have faith in nominated McCain and Obama. Worked out well, huh? Lesson #1 in the American electorate: flashy marketing and promises of hope are all that matter. Substance? Who cares?

Rhonda: #1, it's not govt's job to cover those without; #2, it's not govt's job to educate our kids; #3, it not govt's job to boost our economy. How can you expect anyone to present plans for a process that they have no control over? It's like asking Major League Baseball to fix the highway systems in Missouri.

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Longtime educators retiring

You haven't read my posts then....

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The Tonganoxie Class of 2011 explodes in celebration at the conclusion of Saturday's graduation.

They must have just started playing R. Kelly when this picture was taken.

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