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Five injured in rollover accident on 24-40 in Tonganoxie

Lorelie, I agree. The 24 40 corridor from the high school on east past this intersection is a death trap. I live on south Village Street and have to make a left hand turn coming home every night at "Ellies' restraunt. Cars come charging at me doing 65 plus MPH when I am trying to make my left hand turn and many of the cars coming at me think they should be in the turning lane in front of Ellie's to make the right hand turn onto Laming Road. The Stone Creek and 24 40 intersecion is as bad as the Village St, 24 40 intersection.

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McLouth man relishes windmill relics

Always nice to see stories like this one. I know Russell, he is a good man just like his dad and brothers and Russell sure has a passion for the old windmills which are an important part of Kansas history. Nice to know someone is keeping a part of our Kansas heritage alive.

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City council signals change in fireworks ordinance

The fireworks are okay but one particular firework that really worries me is those hot air balloon looking devices that fly over with the flame source at the bottom of them. Looks like a fire waiting to happen, I can just see someone loosing a home or barn or even a ripe wheatfield thanks to those things. I live in town and saw several dozen of those flying over July 3rd and 4th evenings. I own property a mile north of town and found one of those devices in the middle of my hayfield this past weekend. People should think twice before buying and using those devices.

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Leavenworth County warning sirens used correctly, official says

Some people would complain if they were hung with a new rope is all I can say........thank God we have a warning system in place is all I can say and thank you to those who provide this much needed service!

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McLouth student Justin Johnston shot, killed on school trip to Costa Rica

That is terrible. Sounds like the boys were just being teenagers and for sure none of them deserved that at all. Condolences to the family.

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Old creamery's owner says city singling out property

Hate to see that old building go, I have lived in this area for nearly 60 years. Remember when I was a grade schooler I think it was called "O Zo Dry Paint Co" or something like that. Later became WyCo manufacturing. Had some other small business ventures in there as well over the years. But it is in a sad state of repair now. If it is going to be salvaged it needs to happen soon.

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Letter to the editor: Cycilists' usage on County Road 5 should be addressed

The bicycles on county 5 is an occasional problem especially on busy Saturday mornings. Would help if the riders would spread out and not ride in clumps. Last time I checked, motorized vehicles are not allowed to run side by side and in clumps on two lane roads.

As for 24 40 that highway is downright dangerous from the County 5 overpass on to the FasTracks intersection, especially during the early morning and evening rush hours. I come home from the east usually around 5 to 5:30 each evening and turn south on Villiage Street to my home a few blocks to the south. What amazes me is the people who are coming from the west and want to turn north on County 5. They get in the center turning lane as they come barreling from the west and start doing so as they are passing the Country Market 66 gas station. There have been several times I have narrowly missed being hit head on as I am sitting in the turning lane trying to turn south on Village street by some of these people hogging the center lane prematurely.

As for the 50 mph speed limit through there, that is a joke. Most people heading east are doing 60 plus soon as they get past the the county road 5 overpass. I know a couple of fatal accidents have occured in that stretch from County 5 overpass to FasTrax intersection over the past few years. Looks to me like a traffic light at the intersection of county 5 and 24 40 would help slow people down through this stretch and may even save a life or two in the future.

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Letters to the editor: Let citizens vote on judges; Animal ordinance makes sense

I want to thank the driver of the big new International truck with the snow blade that belongs to the city of Tonganoxie for running me off the road after he ran a stop sign while plowing snow about 5:30 am Thursday, January 20. This driver was plowing westbound along the south edge of the swimming pool as I was headed North on Main street. We both got to the intersection at the same time. He never even slowed down. I went up on the curb to avoid him. My apolgies if there is a law somewhere that says city employees in big heavy, intimidating vehicles have the right to not obey traffic laws while pushing snow. BTW, my four year old grand daughter was strapped in the back seat. I am telling you about the grand daughter so that maybe next time you are on a power trip while driving that big intimidating vehicle you might visualize just who all might be in the vehicle you are attempting to bully. I honestly thought you guys were better trained than that.

Sincerely and not anonymously,
Jere Hummelgaard

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Escaped Kansas inmate apprehended in KCMO

Too bad they didn't shoot him as he escaped. That would have been his just reward for what he was in prison for in the first place. Now the taxpayers get to feed and cloth this slimeball for another 23 months?

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