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Tonganoxie fire leaves firefighter, family temporarily without home

WOW! You sure took a lot from one small statement.

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City traffic engineers find new school would overload intersections past acceptable levels

Anyone who has had to pick up a student at the middle school knows that though they have tried many different traffic patterns. A new pattern every year since opening as a matter of fact, and nothing eases the congestion in the afternoon. The city has plans that will ease the congestion, 14th St and making East street a through street. They cost money, someone has to pay for it.

Just like the sidewalks, the studies for the last bond said that no new sidewalks would be needed ???????????????? really? The city had to step up to the plate and get creative and provide sidewalks for the students that have to walk to school. " change in district policy forced many, many more to walk rather than ride the bus". In getting creative they had to apply for a grant for sidewalks and safe routes to school, along with this came the state requirements for the speed humps that almost everyone in town hates.

I am all for the bond, the last bond issue addressed some of the issues but not all. This current issue could be twisted to anyones point of view. The people will be heard. My only point is that the traffic flow should include input from neutral sources and designed into the layout, rather than trying to fix it later. What is there now is not working, not even close.

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TES enrollment statistics trigger space concerns, administrators say

Space Concerns????????????? Imagine that. New mobile classrooms are not the answer. The children are exposed to the elements several times a day and they are not enclosed in the safe locked building that they need to in. Times have changed and the school realized that. They make you sign in and enter through the office........... every where but the mobile classrooms. Now, those doors are locked but when a child needs to go to the main building they "may possibly be sent to the building with a key" ALONE. Is this safe and secure. Right now these are third graders. Look at the state regisered offendor website, there are predators and offendors right here in this community, how safe are these kids?
Build a real building, a metal building utilizing the same space as the mobile classrooms could provide all the needed space at a resonable cost and provide the children with a secure and safe place to go to school.
Space will be an issue for a long time, that's just the facts. Let's not keep putting on a band-aid when we need something permanent. Mobile classrooms are meant to be temporary, at the Tonganoxie Elementary School they have been a fixture for to long.

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Being teacher helps Smith serve on board

Kay has always done a good job at responding to parent concerns. She listens to them and then will make sure she follows up with you. Sometimes the answer isnt what you want to here, but you can count on it not being swept under the rug. Thanks Kay Smith, you are appreciated and you have my vote.

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City hot over $14,000 propane bill

Hey! Did anyone give any thought to the equipment that is stored inside. Its my understanding that the building was built for equipment. It must be kept warm, as well as waterlines. As cold as its been even keeping the thermostat low the units would have been running all the time. As far as hearing it, most new equipment doesnt make any noise at all. It was an equipment failure, plain and simple. Quit whining. I think Trouble has some vendetta against a few people.

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Who will win Super Bowl XLIII?

I wonder why there are not 1500 votes on this poll? Lets see if someone can vote a couple of hundred times and get this one off kilter too!

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Several file for April election

Smith, Baragary, and Leslie have been very responsive when Dr Erickson " stood behind his employees." Standing up for employees is one thing, covering up for them is a completely different matter. There is more to the story.

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Local woman celebrates 100 years in style

how nice, to see a nice story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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