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Tonganoxie council member, former administrator facing off in Leavenworth County Commission race

This is for the kansanjayhawk. Your comment about Bixby being great at the Tea Party and protecting our liberty should serve as a slap in the face of everyone that wears or has warn a military uniform. The idea that he could protect someone's liberty is idiotic. Check in at the American Legion or the VFW and see a number of us or others that protected your liberty. I've lived in this community for 6 years and I've never known Dennis Bixby to be gainfully employed. He is known for carving golf balls. Hey, that's an art form. I also understand that he did attend college at some time in his life but doesn't use that education for employment or employment opportunities. I for one will not support him in his efforts to be a county commissioner and will help anyone else with a campaign for Mike Yanez. I really don't know much about Mike Yanez but what I do know I respect and appreciate his time spent in the city of Tonganoxie. Bixby and two other councilman had personal indefferences with Mike Yanez and they allowed that to interfere with the business of this community. Two councilman need to be recalled and the third voted out. I would support Paula Crook, Dave Taylor or anyone else for those seats. The councilman are elected to act in our behalf or for the common good of the community. This hasn't happened! Enough is enough! And the last thing, no real "JAYHAWK" would have made the comments that I've read that were posted by "kansanjayhawk". RIP24/40

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Tonganoxie council member, former administrator facing off in Leavenworth County Commission race

Who Knew? Bixby and two knew! Who Flew? Yanez non-renewed! SUNSHINE LAW VIOLATION? Could be. RECALL of Two Councilman Long Overdue. RIP24/40

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Tonganoxie council member, former administrator facing off in Leavenworth County Commission race

This is written in response to a number of other comments regarding the two candidates running for Leavenworth County Commissioner. It is my opinion that we shouldn’t be concerned as to whether the candidate is a Democrat or Republican but which of the two candidates will be the best person for the job. We the people of Leavenworth county need/deserve/demand to have someone that has the ability to go right to work and not be hindered by a learning curve for on the job training. Does either candidate have?

• Managerial experience, supervision or assignment of employees, employee evaluation or grievance procedures.
• Educational or experience backgrounds that need to be considered.
• A work history that would make one candidate better suited for the position.
• Ability to properly manage, maintain and build the necessary infra-structure to move the county in a progressive and positive direction.
• Experience in short or long term planning for city or county improvements.
• Experience with budget preparation and managing large scale cost.
• Involvment with any ongoing or proposed infra-structure improvements that required them to work closely with other city, county, state officials, consultants, engineers, contractors to assure the proper construction or maintenance of infra-structure improvements.

We the people of Leavenworth County need to make sure that we've done the due deligence on this one and spent the time required to evaluate each candidate and what they really represent and cast a vote for the best man for the job.

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Council votes to move Tonganoxie Police Department across street amid basement issues

Let me see if I have this straight.......We don't need a new police station because we don't need all of our officers anyway; never mind that the city has more than doubled in size in the last five years. We don't need a new police station because of a little water....what's a little stagnant, polluted water? We don't need a new police station because of a little "toxic mold"? Just wear a mask! It doesn't mean anything that the EPA lists toxic mold as a leading cause of respiratory distress, including asthma, pneumonia, bronchitis, pulmonary fibrosis and one commenter actually compares it to pollen!!! I've been in buildings where toxic mold was suspected and believe me, when the hazmat team comes in with their suits on, you realize just how serious it is. We have a building that is over a hundred years old as with many in our city. The cost of renovation will always be increased dramatically when you deal with environmental issues i.e. removal of asbestos and/or toxic mold. Fist and foremost, we must act to protect our employees and provide a safe working environment. I believe the city council has tried to deal with this issue n the past but unfortunately fear of raising the cost to the taxpayer in taxes and the furor it would cause has delayed sound decision making. A small mill increase is a small price to pay for the health of our employees. Oh, and a note to Old Vet about moving to Johnson County. It's a great county; very large and wealthy, no problem with city services, low unemployment, no drop in property evaluations--just one thing, it won't make a bit of difference what you think because nobody cares!!!

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TPD search moves forward

First of all, in response to "old vet", let me thank you for your service to our country. We all have benefited greatly in our freedoms because those like you stepped forward. Like you, our civil servants, our police and fire departments, our community leaders have also stepped forward to serve us. I agree that we, as a city, and a country are suffering through the worst recession that our nation has ever known. I am aware that there are many who do not want government growth at any level; but it is a fact that if we do not maintain some growth and are not forward in our thinking for the city, it will die. I, for one, believe that our city leaders are doing their best to strike a balance. Only spending what we take in is a great platitude but is not realistic. We have to take advantage of state and federal monies to maintain our infrastructures and keep our city safe. Our police and fire departments are exemplary in their service to the community. It is common knowledge that the police department building is suffering from water damage; hence, mold, lack of space and electricial systems that hardly support the technology needed in this computer age. I do not believe that entering into an agreement with the County Sheriff's Department for police protection is an answer and would not be supported by city voters. I have long considered myself a conservative but do not think that Mr. Truesdell, Mr. Donnelly, Mr. Gilner, or Mr. Ward are following a "progressive" agenda. They are working very hard to see our city through this recession. It is a thankless job!

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Shilling: Responsible city spending needed

Just a note to "straightup". First of all, learn to spell. It's much easier to get your point across, if people know what you mean. Last I heard "offing" people was still against the law. Rosey is just expressing her opinion. I also applaud citizens who "step up to the plate" and run for public office but in doing so, they open themselves up to public scruitiny. When you ask for a person's vote, you ask them to put their faith in you that you will be a good steward with the financial stablility of the city budget, the city infrastructures, and the general well being of the city. As a city official, you lead by example. All Rosey was saying was that Mr. Schilling is not setting a very good example with his own businesses. As far as Rosey's comments being "ugly", sometimes "ugly" is what it is. If you attended last night's forum at the VFW, you heard how concerned our citizens were with our vacant structures downtown and what we can do, as a city, to prevent further deterioration of the historical buildings, as well as the four-corner area of Hiway 16 and 24/40. This intersection does not necessarily scream "welcome to Tonganoxie." It was obvious that there is a lot of "community pride" in our city and we don't want it to become a boarded up "ghost town" like so many other little Kansas towns. It is our responsibility as voters to make sure that we elect officials who will guide Tonganoxie through this economic crisis, but at the same time, do not stagnate our growth. All of the representatives of the city council and Board of Education, both elected and candidates at last night's forum, welcomed any input and help from the community. It's up to us to follow through. VOTE on April 7. Thank you.

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