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Man who allegedly threatened Tonganoxie High School principal had gun when arrested

Old Vet. as you "navigated" the hand book. did you find any rule that said." the rules of the hand book must be enforced"? Its not in there. The "rules" are enforced or not depending on whos child is involved. Thats what is causing the problem. No enforcement.

Also your comment, The first time it was extortion, the district appeared to have been set up by the kids father". PLEASE Old Vet. dazzle us with your first hand knowledge of the court case. Tell us exactly how the "extortion" was done. Dont leave out any details. But remember , all of the court records are open to the public, so be accurate. Facts... not whispers, or someone told me or I heard it at the coffee shop . Quote your source so we all can look it up.

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Man arrested for allegedly threatening THS principal

LOL.... Bullying still going on. What a suprise.

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Tonganoxie teen placed on probation in battery case

10 day suspension, what a joke. A nother example of, if your in sports you can do what ever you want and just get a slap on the wrist.
Elite808. this is not the first time hes did a "badthing". and no hes not a good kid. Ask him how many times this has happened before.

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City of Tonganoxie cites West Haven Baptist Church's new sign for code violation

Church? I thought it was a truck stop. What an eye sore.....

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Tonganoxie football coach Mark Elston resigns

Elston only wants to tell half of the story. Tell us, what else you did beside yell... or just shut up and go away. Your one less bully our kids have to deal with while there at school.
A group of upset parents went to a school board meeting last year to complain about how their kids were being treated at football pratice .. The board knew then kids were being mis-treated, but they renewed Elstons contract. Why? A reporter from the Mirror was at the board meeting but the conplaints of the parent never were mentioned in the paper.
I hope the parents of the mistreated kid files a police report. It will keep Elston from Getting another job around kids.

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Tonganoxie City Council votes not to extend city administrator's contract

I talked to him twice. Didnt get a stright answer either time. Long over due. Good bye Mike!

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Certain fees increasing for 2011-12 school year

Who was Ms. Baragary voteing against? It should be part of the open records act. Just another example of the board trying to sweap a problem under the rug!

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Traffic study finds new streets not needed for intermediate school

yes I went to tongie schools

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Traffic study finds new streets not needed for intermediate school

hricane23 I dont have all nite to explane last bonds screw ups so I will just hit high points. The board hired a board member to "buy supplies" on the internet. NO checks and balances. Just a open check book. Paying the board member 50.00 per hour to "look" for bargains. Then after he got these great bargains the board payed him 50.00 per hour to fix the junk he bought.. Ask a board memebr for the aduit of what was bought and what it was worth after his "fee'. I already ask there wasnt one. Ask how much of that junk was thrown away? how much os still in,"storage". How much of the junk is in pieces and will never be put together? At a board meeting some members talked about things being bought for what wal-mart charges, and not having to pay anyone 50.00 an hour. The price of that joke was 98,000? That dosent count the junk the wasnt used and will never be used..

What about the internet cable that was pulled though the building. Some of the lines were never put in. Some were scraped and wouldnt. work. but he was payed.
The teachers that were payed to build tables on there own time. But students did some of the work. So the teachers were payed to teach and payed to build all at the same time? They were told not to do that but did.
You think a 100k is a hiccup? Are you kidding.. I make less that 40k. Have you ever thrown 100k away?
My "gruge" over the high school is. WE JUST SPENT MILLIONS on it.. There is even a coffee shop in it.. What else so they want a spa? They need a sicence up grade? OK then they should have did it last time and not put in a lounge and coffee shop.
Oh they need a vocal music room. Didnt we already build one? What happened to it? Answer me that. I know the answer do you. The answer is one ot the things that is very wrong with the way the high school is being managed.
You vote yes, I vote no. So i guess its up to the other voters.

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Traffic study finds new streets not needed for intermediate school

This vote is about money. will it be spent wisely? Look at what happened last time. Is no one looking back 3 years? If we build, it should last at least 10 years. We should build a grade school that will take care of our kids for that long. Not pay for 1,000"s of dollars on a etching for the high school. The superintendent was not a bit shy about wanting that. Its just the taxpayers money. If we vote for a school then the money should be spent for classrooms. Not art work to hang on the side of the building. REMERBER!!!!!!!! Once you vote to give the board money they will spent is as they want.. Look at the past.
hircane23 and old vet, I want a new school! We need a new school.. Our kids should have a new school. But spenting money on the high school when it should go to the grade school is not smart.. We need a board it understands how hard the taxpayers work for there money.
I want a new school. I dont want to watch my money wasted as it was last time. hircane .... our board didnt pay 100.000 for a toilet. They payed 100.000 for a computer to control heating and cooling. I was in the middle school library in june after the school was built. It was 63 degrees in there and no one could shut off the air cond. The next june the heater ran the whole month. No one could get it to shut off.. Who payed the bills? you and I did. The board knew the computer wasnt working right but they payd the contracter. Its just taxpayers money. They ended up putting in a different type of control. 100.000 thrown away. Yea, i want give the board 20+ millions give way what ever they want. NO WAY!

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