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Traffic study finds new streets not needed for intermediate school

hricane23. So you have 3 years of experences of our schools to draw up on? Wow. There was never any "phase". If you had lived here longer you would have known the old middle school, 'west high school now" was built so that when needed it could be expanded . Why wasnt it? the mold problem might have something to do with that. In your 3 years of experence you know only what you have "heard". belive me there are alot of us with a few more then 3 years of living here that know how many promises have been broken and money wasted...... 40+ yrs here........

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Traffic study finds new streets not needed for intermediate school

Before anyone votes on the bond.. Please look and the last bond. The school board knew when they pushed the bond to build the middle school, the grade school would be over crowded in less then 2 years. So why did they push so hard to build it? They knew in 2 years they could say." oh my look at all of those poor grade school kids in the over crowded building". They knew before the first bond was passed there would have to be another new building built. Our mony was spend unwisely and now they want alot more. Its time the taxpayers stand up and tell them enough is enough. If the bond passes the board with spend the money as they see fit.. Again look a history, look and the 100,000"s of taxpayers dollars that were wasted on the middle school and high school.

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Traffic study finds new streets not needed for intermediate school

gotongie.....Do you spend millions of dollars on new buildings and put bad teachers and adminstrators that dont care in it? We need a new grade school. We shouldn't spend any money on the high school until the problems are fixed.. I am voteing no. sending a message to the board.. Wake up, fix our school.

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Traffic study finds new streets not needed for intermediate school

Jerry hit the nail on the head. Not only does the school sweep those issues "under the rug". The Mirror knows about the issues and fails to report them. Why doesn't the Mirror report the news?

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Tuition decision reversed

Taxpayes should call the Mirror and ask why the newspaper didn't post the number of out of district kids in the article. Isn't that news?? I think it is suprising news. 122 out of district kids that taxpayers have to pay for. How about it Shawn, cut out the feel good stories and print news.

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Tuition decision reversed

The Mirror forgot to report that we have 122 out of distict students . Thats almost a whole class. Superintendent Hayden said at the meeting. "we loose money on all of these students". "The money we get from the state dosen't cover the cost to educate them".
Our district is almost broke according to the superintendent. The district is cutting hours and not renewing contracts, alot of people will lose there jobs. But Tonganoxie's tax dollars are being used to educate out of district kids.. Why!
The district's around us do not alow out of district students. Why? Because it costs to much.
Next year, our building principals will decide on what out of district students can go to school here. Based on "academic standing, behavior, attendance, who there parent knows, if there good a sports, if a teacher likes them and how many friends they have here.
So who is going to pay for these kids. Remember were broke and laying people off.
The parents of out of district kids always say, its so convenient to bring our kids to Tonganoxie. The taxpayers of Tonganoxie shouldn't be expected to pay for out of district parents "convenients".
Why would a out of district parent want to send there child to a grade school as over crowded as ours? Convenients.

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New fees coming in 2010-11

Were not talking about 10 students spread over the district. Last years senior class was 7% out of district students. Times that by K-12 . Tonganoxie taxpayers are paying for the buildings. None of this is "hypothetical. The building are over crowded.

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New fees coming in 2010-11

Your right about the student aid, but where are you going to teach them? In the halls? Our grade school is OVER CROWDED. Theres no where to put more students. The tax payers of USD464 are paying for our schools with bonds that we pay for ,and our mill leves.. It takes more money then just the student aid to pay for the buildings. Tonganoxie schools should be for Tonganoxie kids.

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New fees coming in 2010-11

What kind of message is Ms. Grinter wanting to send? Bring your kids to our over crowded almost broke school district?

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Students make plea to Topeka

Taxpayers pay for a javelin coach? How much does he make? Any one know?

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