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Clinger: An offer of support inspired by Lady Gaga

It's such a shame that bullying not only went on when you were a student, but continues still to this day in the Tonganoxie School District. It only takes one student or faculty member to step up and say STOP. Is it peer pressure from other students, or the fact that the administration and faculty doesn't want to be looked at as "not cool" that makes the bullying continue? At least now, measures are being put into place by Kansas Law to make schools accountable for this problem.

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Tonganoxie football coach Mark Elston resigns

Wow, lets blame it on the victim and not the bully. Elston was quick to say what the student did but did he say what he did? NO, he had no comment. I feel sorry for this child, he's getting blamed for something that Elston did. Elston and anyone else has no right to blame this student for Elston's actions. Which evidently was bad enough for him to have to resign.
Also this boys family needs to step up and get behind him and stand up for him. Yes, maybe he tackled the quarterback, its football, it happens, but did he deserve what happened to him. NO.
Thank god this time someone seen it and turned it in. Quit sticking your heads in the sand people. stick up for your kids.
Elston's been the coach for to long, it's time for a change.

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City of Tonganoxie cites West Haven Baptist Church's new sign for code violation

I saw pastor Mike Bronson on the news last night. I thought men of the cloth weren't supposed to lie. As he is saying "this sign doesn't scroll, flash, roll, blink, the sign in the background is doing all of it... WOW, nice way to represent by telling a lie and getting caught on CAMERA!

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Jags cruise at Tonganoxie, 57-12

The football team was "shorthanded"? Why were they "shorthanded"? Maybe Benton Smith could tell us?

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To the editor: Outdated THS science labs disappointing to former student

Bob,Bob,Bob......looking silly again!

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Lott says he won’t be retained as head soccer coach

Students are bullied and abused in the locker room because parents won't stand up for there kids. Why? Because they know the school board will always back the coach.

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Tuition decision reversed

Its funny how one question or comment can bring out the best or worst in people. But thats what makes life so interesting. Perjury and lieing are like brothers and sisters. if you lie in court and are caught, its not uselly perjury because the person can come up with alot of reasons why they said what they said and they to cover them selves. Theres a big differents in civil and criminal court. Big lie little lie, its still an untruth.
As for changing school records, the board knows about it. You would have to ask them why they havent did anything about it.
The people that teach our children should be held to a high standard. Do you think? In the High School the students are held to a higher standard then the administers. I find that a bit odd, but it is what it is.
At the end of the day the question is. should we pay someone who would lie to a parent? Should we pay someone that would change school records and lie about doing it?
Simple questions simple answers.
Everything i have said is public record.... I hope this isnt to mind numbing. Enjoy another rainy Kansas afternoon!

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Tuition decision reversed

Failure to do there job, lies.and being deceitful by principals cost our schools money. Once you have someone who has lied to parents is his word any good? Would you bring a problem to a principal that has lied to a parent in the past? This principal can never submit a report about a student and be taken as fact because of his lies and sneeking to change school records. The school board knows what he has done , but they protect him.. Why.. ask a board member, but don't be suprised when they just look at you. Remember you elected them but they don't have to answer your questions.
Parents need to be aware that he is in our district and be very careful when ever having to deal with him. .... He who dosen't know history is doomed to repeat it.. My point has always been. get rid of the people that treat the taxpayers rudely and lie, I wouldnt think thats to much to ask. Hire people that can talk to parents like there adults. Not kids. That shouldn't be to much to ask, but look at the record and see its not being done. Our schools are almost broke so, why risk the taxpayers money by keeping people like this in our schools? I would run for school board, but I go to the wrong church. If you live in Tonganoxie you will understand that....... Ella Wheeler Wilcox teachs us," To sin by silence, when we should protest, makes cowards out of men".

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Tuition decision reversed

Bob,Bob,Bob You keep saying the Thenos lawsuit was a scam . But answer a simple question. Why didn't you go to court and tell the jury everything you knew? The schools insurence companys 300 dollar an hour lawyer could have used your help. Mr Pigg never said the bullying didn't happened. he said the law wasn't met to hold schools accountable and he was wrong....... Read bob read, its all public record. www.bensonlaw.com
oh and Brun didn't waltze away with 57 thousand dollars of the taxpayers hard earned money. He was payed it because he had to put up with a superintdent that couldn't control his temper.

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Tuition decision reversed

Please bob, Fred Phelps you have to be kidding. if you had infomation it was a sham why didnt you go to the trial and tell everything you knew?? The same reason Erickson didn't., the same reason Rick Lamb didn't. The truth came out and they as you , run and hid. Enews "ch59" did a special on bullying. last month. Again USD464 was embaressed . The truth hurts.
Back to the point of maryjos comment. Why does the school board keep principals that treat parents rudely?

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