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Board intends not to offer Erickson extension

The author of this article forgot to mention the superintendent also hid a bullying problem from the school board. That “mistake” cost the schools insurance company $440,000.
What happened last night at the board meeting was accountability. He was held accountable for his actions.
Erickson has embarrassed our schools and town through his failure to do his job properly.
A $440,000 federal bulling verdict + $375,000 tax “mistake” + $57,00 to buy out Mr. Bruns contract = a new superintendent.
Its time for the board to put a professional in to the superintendents position. Someone who can guide our school district out of the financial mess that Erickson has put us into.
The vote last night shows the taxpayers of the Tonganoxie school district that our school board is thinking about what is best for our children. Also they are trying to make our school district more parent friendly, and to have a better working environment for the districts staff.
A big THANK YOU to the School Board!

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