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Idea pitched for Tonganoxie curbside recycling

Yes....please expedite this. We had this when we lived in Bel Aire (Wichita). This makes recycling a no-brainer. And I don't think there's a place to even recycle glass in Tongie. The only place I have seen is over by the legends. How do we get this to move along faster. It will greatly improve how much goes to the landfill. I've even called Honey Creek before asking about this. They do it in Eudora, Basehor, Lawrence. I'm not even a recycling fanatic, but in the case of curb-side recycling for a few dollars lets do it.

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ELECTION CENTRAL: USD 464 bond issue fails by about 100 shy of 2-to-1 margin

(Kirchoff's wife) My husband is trying to find out the logical reason why this did not pass. Kota51, you stated that you voted with your conscience. Could you explain why you conscience did not like the bond issue.

I just have to say that it appears that this was an emotional vote by many people. Is there a reason why so many appear to have a grudge against the school system or bond issues? It appears obvious that the facilities need updating and the district is growing. So what do the No voters need to vote Yes on a future bond issue?

On a personal note, I've taught in a mobile classroom. It is not fun. My students often felt embarrassed to be going to class in a mobile unit and lacked pride when other schools visited for sporting events and other competitions. It is also expensive and difficult to regulate the temperature in the classrooms and the sound of the heating and cooling systems is distracting.

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ELECTION CENTRAL: USD 464 bond issue fails by about 100 shy of 2-to-1 margin

This thread has more posts so I'll add to this one. Hey Mirror can we consolidate news articles. :~)

It would be helpful to know what other reasons caused people to vote "no". Here's what I've heard so far.

1. vague wording on ballot
2. tax increase

Have I missed any? I'm sure I have.

On the district web site there was good documentation. I think it could have been organized a little better. There needs to be a "How does this affect me" document/presentation. There was, kind of. But it was meshed into the main powerpoint. Even though there was a lot of data in the powerpoint, one thing I would have changed is the tax increase based on home value. Instead of listing only 3 rows broken out by $25K, I would have put 7 or 8 rows separating them by 10K. Less math to do in your head to get to your home value.

Start with an "executive summary" type presentation. 2 slides...tops.
Then a "why do we need this" presentation. 5 slides
Then a "what are we going to do with the money" presentation. 10-20 slides
(possibly another with more detail, if need be)
Then a "how does this affect me" presentation. 5 - 10 slides

Make these separate documents so it's clearly defined where to find the information you want.

Now, let me say...all this information was on the district web site in various documents. When I looked at it I just didn't get a feel of it flowing very well. Does anyone have any inclination what I'm talking about?


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ELECTION CENTRAL: School bond issue soundly defeated; Peak, Bixby elected to council; Becker to join school board

My family and I are moving to Tonganoxie this summer. We would have voted YES for this bond issue. We like the small town atmosphere. We lived in Louisburg a few years ago then moved away from the area now we're coming back to the KC area. My new job is not convenient to move back to Louisburg. We looked at Bonner Springs but couldn't find anything we liked there. Basehor didn't feel like "home" for us. Then my wife found a location in Tonganoxie and we really like it. We knew about the bond issue coming up so we thought, "surely it will pass". We are disappointed it didn't pass but are confident it will the next time. My wife and I are very educated, both of us have multiple degrees, and her a former teacher, so we've considered home-schooling. Even if we home-school we would still vote in favor of this bond issue.

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ELECTION CENTRAL: USD 464 bond issue fails by about 100 shy of 2-to-1 margin

Hi everyone. With all this going on did everyone see the story about the THS Science Olympiad team. Very awesome!!!

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ELECTION CENTRAL: USD 464 bond issue fails by about 100 shy of 2-to-1 margin

Old_Vet, good point on the inflation. I agree with flushing money down the toilet. Sorry Kota51, but there looks to be sufficient information for "yes" vote. I would have voted "yes", but my wife and are bringing two toddlers with us and like the sound of improvements being made. I get that the elderly don't want to see taxes going up and I'm sure a lot of them are on fixed incomes. When I look at the growth figures and projections and what's happening in the area....Tonganoxie is only going to grow. And with younger families too. Googles big announcement will only bring more companies to the Wyandotte area which will bring families that want to live in a smaller community to Tonganoxie.

Well, I can type and talk about this all day probably. I'll be watching what the school board does next. I would hope things that need done get done.

Thanks all for all the comments. Since I'm very new to the area and on the tail end of this issue, the input is very helpful.

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ELECTION CENTRAL: USD 464 bond issue fails by about 100 shy of 2-to-1 margin

Interesting. I agree the ballot should have been more specific. It should have followed in line with the documentation on the district web site. Especially since the ballot is official record of what's being voted on. Hopefully, in the future the wording on the ballot will be more specific. I've voted for bond issues before but it took me a while because the item on the ballot was nearly two columns on one page.....very specific.

Thanks for the insight.

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ELECTION CENTRAL: USD 464 bond issue fails by about 100 shy of 2-to-1 margin

I'm curious as to what was vague? I'm new to the community (will be moving there this summer). When I read the documentation on the district web site I understood where the money was going. I'm just curious what more detail everyone wanted to see.


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Down to a science

Congratulations THS and TMS!!! Great job! My wife is a former Science Olympiad Head Coach and I a former assistant. We can attest to the long hours and hard work these students, parents and coaches have put in. It is so much fun seeing the kids go up there to get their medals in front of hundreds of other students across the state. We will be moving to Tongi this summer and look forward to living in a great community.

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