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Letter: Humane Society not anti-farmers


First...regarding your link, it took me to a page on the HSUS site that cited nothing but HSUS's own words. That isn't exactly the way to win an argument...I wish I could have cited myself over and over on my college papers. It sure would have made things easier. Note to HSUS, just because you say it, doesn't mean it is true.

Now, for a lesson in proper citation, regarding the HSUS 3-star rating, according to the High Plains Journal, "Charity Navigator now gives HSUS a lower level of trustworthiness than the notoriously radical People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. The American Institute of Philanthropy also rates HSUS very critically, giving the organization a "C-minus" grade overall.

And in terms of confinement, HSUS is actually very wrong. A recent Swedish study found that chickens raised in a free-range system suffered much higher instances of E. Coli than confined chickens.

Confinment feeder is not only efficient, it also isolates animals from predators and dieseses. Confined feeding also removes the animal from extremes in weather. An confined swine barn is approx 70F year round. My parents saw -15F temps this year. How is raising swine in those temps humane? If you ask me, i would much rather be in a 70F climate controlled barn.

Now, before you bring up the Pew Commission study and the study done by the Union of Concerned Scientist, I would like to point out that neighter of those studies have been published nor have they been peer reviewed.

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Letter: Humane Society not anti-farmers

@Hillaryat HSUS...umm, HSUS is anti-farmer. HSUS likes to dicitate to farmers how they should be raising their animals. HSUS plays purely on emotion. HSUS conducts no scientific research of their own while the methods farmers use comes from millions of research hours by land grant university scientist. And those scientist and farmers are always doing new research inorder to be better.

Dr. Michael Gregor from HSUS siad that the H1N1 outbreak came from a hog confinement facility in Mexico...and he was soundly proven wrong, Please don't tell me that HSUS is not "anti-farmer" when every recipe on the HSUS website is vegetarian or vegan.

Lastly, you said that "Our organization regularly receives strong marks from Charity Navigator"...correct me if I am wrong but didn't both HSUS and Humane Society International recently see a decline in their rating? Isn't PETA now ranked higher that HSUS?

HSUS is anti-farmer!

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