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Tuition decision reversed

Hey katblu - the one they need to get rid of is the middle school principal. She's about worthless. Treats the kids like they're still in grade school. Treats parents even worse. Word is she's not too popular with other principals or the school board either. Definitely not an asset to the district.

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New fees coming in 2010-11

Let’s look at those hypothetical 10 kids. Spread throughout the district the impact on student numbers is negligible. However, if they were to leave the district, the loss of $40,000+ equals the pay of one teacher. The loss of that one hypothetical teacher would add 25 or so students to the teaching load of the remaining teachers - a much bigger impact than keeping the 10 out of district kids. We’re already losing enough teachers and other personnel. Besides, most of the students we are talking about have been attending Tongie schools for some time. They ARE a part of our school community even if they don’t live here.

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New fees coming in 2010-11

What you don’t realize is that for each of those out of districts students, the state pays the district $4000+ in student aid. So, if they choose not to send their kids to Tonganoxie, the district loses the state aid for that student. Not only would the district not get the $700, it would actually lose $4000+ for each student it loses. Say 10 out of district students choose to not return to Tongie. That would mean the district would lose $40,000+ out of next year’s budget.

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