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City Council requesting input about intersection

They'll probably want to add speed bumps.

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Ford leads charge as Chieftains down Bishop Ward

Yeah, I remember whippin Desoto in the 1986 Homecoming game (problem is we lost really bad!)

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Food: Will new law water down Kansas wines?

Someone feels that the label should actually be accurate, others do not. Go figure.
Capitalism should not be tethered by trivial rules requiring the truth. Parish the thought of cheatin' some cheat of their almighty dishonestly earned dollar.
Those darn consumer-protecting socialists!
Holyfield has great selections. I'm looking forward to trying Davenport's.
Thanks for the heads-up to avoid the others.

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Questionnaire: Dave Anderson, 38th District Kansas House race

This guy suggest more "trickle down economis", a policy embraced by our federal government for 22 of the last 32 years. The only true growth years in the last 32 have been in 8 of the 10 years that this failed policy was not embraced.
How many times do you need to get the bathroom floor wet before you figure out to lift the lid?

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The Leavenworth County Fair is just around the corner. To what are you most looking forward to regarding this year's fair?

Looking forward to the cold beer. Oh, wait. Leavenworth County is still one of the few "dry" fairs in the country.
I guess i'll go look at the bunnies.

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Who is your favorite TV dad of all time?

Homer J. Simpson is the Real Deal.

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Do you agree with the proposed Kansas Preservation of Religious Freedom Act?

The bottom line is that this law protects the rights of those who look down their noses at others and JUDGE them.

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Do you agree with the proposed Kansas Preservation of Religious Freedom Act?

Christians do not "own" any set of values...they are shared with many religions.

It seems that these days that everything decent and moral is credited to Christians while all evil is blamed on Non-christians.

Let God do the judging.

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Would you favor a community garden in Tonganoxie and would you plan to utilize it?

Planting it directly outside of the city council chambers would provide plenty of fertilizer!

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Man who allegedly threatened Tonganoxie High School principal had gun when arrested

Holy cow!

This conversation has gone from a discussion of a dude loosing his cool to an Anonymous battle over morals.

This beats the Republican debates all day long.


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