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Who do you think will be the 2012 presidential nominee for the Republican party?

I believe the republican nominee has yet to declare. Someone with the resemblance of a brain will surely step up and recognize an opportunity. Ron Paul is the only declared candidate thus far who could be taken seriously...and nobody does.

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Have you been following the Republican presidential campaigns and debate?

Gee whiz jason2007...another anonymous comment lecturing upfront folks about their opinions?
Ben, I believe your right that the voters will select the best candidate for the job from the choices they have. Unfortunately the gene pool is lacking in the choices, possibly even intermingled.
Rhonda, you covered three extremely important issues that effect our country. Our government has taken a huge role in all of them.
Like it or not anonymous, The Fed has and always will govern our healthcare system by providing food and drug regulations, insurance regulations and standards of care. They have recently passed laws to increase coverage for the citizens of the U.S. The effectiveness of all of these laws are always a point to debate but that is why we vote...the idea that the knuckle-head I vote for will legislate in a manner that I like.
The Department of Education's sole purpose is to insure the proper education of our kids. Countless laws and monies are presented by the Fed for that reason.
I'm also relatively sure that the U.S. Government has a large role in steering not only our economy, but the world's. Unfortunately they appear to be driving under the influence most of the time.
Weather your like me and believe our candidates are mostly corupt and intelligently bankrupt, or you still have faith in our system, the same holds gotta pick one that you believe will represent you the best.
As far as the Missouri highway system goes, that cluster will require the money of the NFL.

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How do you feel about Gov. Brownback's plans to phase out funding for the Kansas Arts Commission?

Last November this country slid to the right at the polls. The "T-Bagger" mentality won and this cut is part of that mentality. Silly things like The Arts and Education will suffer. Taxes will probably go down and so will all of those wasteful "socialist programs" like Police Enforcement, Fire Departments, Road Maintenance and Medicare. We will become more Capitlistic...if you want it pay for it yourself. Don't have the money? This is America...get a job! Can't find a good paying job? Move to China. Thats the only thing Big Buisness knows how to The cuts are only beginning.

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Do you plan to vote in Tuesday's primary election?

YES, I vote.................but
"Participate in the process or be silent"....sorry Dude, the right to whine is secured in the Bill of Rights weather you vote or not.
"do not deserve the Republic that we have been given"....deserve has nothing to do with it. The fact is that the millions of Americans who spilled blood for this country did so to preserve the rights given to us in The Constitution. That is the rights of everyone, not just the people we agree with.
If your faith in this country's direction has you that bummed out, be reminded of another right....
The right to leave.

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Vestal sends email containing nude images to council member's brother

The man did nothing illegal. What he did was offend some people with what they deemed inappropriate behvior. That behavior does not offend all in this town. Judgement should not be set on what some believe to be "moral" and others not. Judgement should be applied by the confines of the law.

By the way, "straitup" and "(anonymous)" as a by-line is a contradiction.

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Vestal sends email containing nude images to council member's brother

Good grief...parish the thought of men looking at pictures of nude, adult and consenting women.
Careful Peyton Place, the microscope may be on you next.
Mr. Vestal has served this town well for many years.
Thanks Mike.

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Have you been successful in beating the heat and humidity this summer?

I have found that the air-conditioning at the Downtown Bar works well. The beer there is exceptionally cold and the commies have yet to get the smoking banned.

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Do you support the state's new smoking law?

You should not have to be a smoker to see the danger in this law...the government stripping rights from the people. A merchant no longer has a choice in operating a smoking establishment. Citizens no longer have the choice of patronizing smoking establishments. The bar has been set. What is next? Fattening food, soda pop, alcohol?

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To the editor: Outdated THS science labs disappointing to former student

Really Bob? If someone "informed" "might have brought this issue up", there would have been something done about it?
It has been 24 years since my last class with Mr. Wakeman....24 years and he still deserves to be called Mister. I will bet the bank that Mr. Wakeman brought this issue up. I will also bet the bank that Mr. Wakeman has a higher intelligence level than the decision makers combined.
The "good citizens of Tonganoxie" approved a bond issue to pay for upgrades that I'm sure they believed included Science. It is a shame they did not get what they paid for.

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Letter to the editor: Cycilists' usage on County Road 5 should be addressed

Good points Mike.
I'll also add that it is a state law that you you must drive in the right lane and pass in the left. The highway patrol may cite drivers who do not comply.
As far as the bicyclist go, there is surely a law that establishes a minimum speed on county roads that bicyclists should be made to adhere to.
Not only do these bicyclists ride slow, they often ride in groups spread out over distances that make passing very dangerous.
Michael is right, someone will eventually get hurt and it will not be the one in the F250.

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