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Do you favor a proposed state tax on sugared beverages, such as regular soft drinks, sports drinks and energy drinks?

Sugar tax? When You support any tax to a targeted consumer group, You set precedance for more. Alcohol and tobacco have been easy target from high pedestals.
Amy Lawson asked what's next? The sky is the limit.
If the government needs more money, let them propose a sales tax hike on all goods. Then let the voters decide.

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Which World Cup game has been the most exciting to watch so far?

There is much more excitement at the Rec. ball fields each night. Forego the boring running matches at the World Cup and go cheer those kids on.

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Do you agree with the Tonganoxie City Council's decision to charge rural residents with the 66086 ZIP code the same admission rates at the water park as those living in the city?

"The good of the many far out-weigh the good of the few, or the one"-Spock

Don't underestimate just how much those high school kids like "Brett" know.

I noticed Mr. Koch didn't hide behind an alias....he knows how to be "straitup".

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