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Tonganoxie City Council votes not to extend city administrator's contract

"Thinker"! That kills me. Shows how out of touch you are with what goes on. Way overdue. Too bad two coucilman did'nt have enough sense to agree. Ask business people what they think! Check out the history for the last eight years. I also agree with nonbeliever. Has the bank commented on this? I thought he was their personal rep.

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American Legion Post 41 moving meetings to local restaurant

Don't wear a KU shirt there.

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City Council approves donation, fireworks for Tonganoxie Days

Please dig up all the roads so we don't have to pave them. Shut off all lights in town and send the police home early. Don't call the fire depatment for your fire as this costs money.That will save some tax funds. Sit on your junk business and don't invest a dime. Gripe about everything but don't be constructive. When there is a chance to try and do something to have a little fun for $1600 and bring some people to this one horse town, bitch like there was no tomorrow. Keep griping and others will follow AND THEN YOU CAN HAVE THE TOWN YOU WANT! Don't move forward but sit around and stagnate with your "buddies" and their misinformation. Oafish and ingnorant is not the way to go through life but you have made a career of it. Let's close the library so the Tonganoxie Taliban can rule.

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Kobach: Voter information

What a showboat! A noinissue with his voter id! And now we are to present proof of citizenship? Nothing like inciting the publc over a issue that was not there. But hey, one IS born every minute. The media should shine light of questioning at this man instead of making him "hero". Very sad..............

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City traffic engineers find new school would overload intersections past acceptable levels

School was going to do traffic study after bond vote. City asked that it be done early to know amount of school and tongie tax load ahead of time. This is in Mirror from a few months ago. Try archiving articles. I don't think anyone knows true cost of all of this.

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City council denies sewer tap waiver request from new owner of Sunset Motel

I called Mr. Peak. He said anyone could call him. 845-2852 or 913-484-4825. He answered my ?. More to the story than the comments on our blog.

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City council denies sewer tap waiver request from new owner of Sunset Motel

Excellent point . I know that this may come up again as I asked a candidate who came to my door and he said he wants to reconsider issue and thinks he was wrong.

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Council ends call for tech audit

I guess this has gone on for years with leadership failing to address it. It appears this group is trying to correct. Who oversees this? Admin, etc? Out of touch with tech. Kudos to council for exploring issue.

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City Hall, police station replacement put on hold with need for new pool

There was no "catastrophic" failure due on the pool. Pure baloney. Could of been fixed with 200k but then who is counting. The Police station is in need but the scanner comment reflects good idea for one problem. I believe they need larger facility.

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Department of Revenue closes Tonganoxie business because of unpaid sales taxes

Since I don't know full story, I will wait and hope all the facts are presented. It is the law and I hope they get it corrected.

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