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Department of Revenue closes Tonganoxie business because of unpaid sales taxes

Was this the same coverage given to the grocery store when it had the problem?

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School district can't build off-site streets, can be part of special assessment

Does no one read the newspaper in this town? The "interchange" was voted down several weeks ago. 25or6to4 is correct. The money comes from an increase in property tax. How many in town can afford several hundred dollars extra in taxes? If people want it then be prepared to pay. As if taxes were not high enough now?
It seems the school is one issue and the roads are another. Total is 30 million or so? I guess business and retirees will shoulder this along with others. Can barely afford to live here now. Seems odd to ask for this much during bad times for many of us.

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City Council requests info to put possible street projects in ‘context’

It is my understanding that the school district had already agreed to pay for a study but to do it later (tongie mirror). They now see the wisdom in having it done before the bond issue. Kind of like forgetting the sidewalks for the last school;. Let's get the study done and work from there. If the schools would let the public know what is going it would certainly help. How much money do they have for the roads? Lots of questions. And since it is the schools idea to spend this, I don;t see a problem with them paying for the study. Lots of us are for education but not for astroturf, bloated athletic programs, and kids that can't read. What will our money go for???

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Tonganoxie man wins big on game show

Who edited this? Please reread and correct. Thank you.

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Tonganoxie City Council wants Internet use audit

The audit needs to include time on facebook, etc also. Productivity? And they share computers? This is a joke. Things are out of control and this is the latest "we have no policy". Why would Yanez create the policy? Is he not in control and has let employees do this. Oversight? And how many years has this gone on? Should of been looked at the first time Vestal did this. How many months before a "policy? Yanez should be fired for failure of oversight and who will monitor his computer? Is this policy to look back at previous time on computer or will everyone get a break no matter what they have done? Another news story coming. Pitiful. Wish I made a 100k to be a complete screwup. How much would taxes be if his job was eliminated????

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Tonganoxie business served warrant on back taxes

I agree the stores trouble is not the citys fault.
My point was that the perilous condition of revenues was not considered by the city. Now we are on thin ice and a small change in sales tax revenue could have devastating effects.

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Tonganoxie business served warrant on back taxes

B & J grocery provides over half the sales taxes in town. If they go under the stupidity of the council in blowing a million dollar reserve will haunt this town for years. Tea party time in Tongie. We need mass reginations of all council members and the city administrator. New blood is needed as they have failed miserably. This is how close we are to a financial meltdown in the city. What if the store burned God forbid? People better pay attention.!! Hope the store does not fail.

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Ward new mayor of Tonganoxie

Qualifications for being apponted to the Council
1, Don't attend meetings.
2.Be in same club as Mayor.
3.Wear nice shirt and tie not t-shirts or overalls.
4. Talk the talk and smooze.
5. Be in favor of dumping a million to the county for Rd 1. Really 500k ransom just to get in.
6.Be an advocate of the interest only payment on the industrial park. Oh I forgot about the banker part.
7. Be willing to not have unbiased ideas. LCDC. Yeah. No agenda? Right.

This was good old Chicago politics. I am sure Mayor Obama has no agenda. He did not want to lose vote on road heist.

Tongie loses all around. I feel sorry for working people who actually give a damn.

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Remember When: A community review

Complication of troubles? What was that??

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Post office move gives urgency to retail/commercial committee

The retail committee is not a joke. The"straightup" ignorance is! I disagree with the banners, but to impune several citizens who volunteer to try to help this city is ignorant. How about "straightup" volunteering or are you too busy being a complainer? And since you seem to be business oriented how about offering a seminar on what can be done?
The coffee table philosophers hold America back with their sweeping indictments and backseat driving. Try volunteering and get to know the details and problems in solving economic and social problems. To criticize and do nothing is an indictment of your citizenship and moral character. We deserve better!

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