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Tonganoxie woman found guilty of three counts animal cruelty

Bless whoever called for help for these dogs.

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Tonganoxie city administrator settling in to post

Welcome to Tonganoxie.
Am looking forward to an adminstrator who is concerned about the budget !

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Committee likely to recommend no additional funding for Leavenworth County animal control

Must be a generation thing--your choice of "vermin" compared to stray animals is like comparing apples to oranges..
There is no easy or cheap solution to this issue. Leavenworth county residents have wrestled with this for years. The problem is not going away and will continue to grow unless a county wide shelter is established.
There are some ways of lessening the problems-educate about what it "really"means to have an animal, spay and neuter programs that everyone can afford, putting an end to puppy mills and dog fighting that goes on locally..Some of these would require a police officer to be involved but not all the solutions do.
Leavenworth county prides itself on being such a "forward thinking" county..we can certainly say we are a leader in animal neglect.

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Committee likely to recommend no additional funding for Leavenworth County animal control

Old_Vet is allowed to express his opinion "thanks" to the "vets" who serve our country to give us this right. Thank you and all who served.
My opinion of the shelter issue is totally opposite of Old_Vet for many reasons.
"Animal rights activist"...sounds like an insult to an individual who is trying to make things better for all people and animals of this county.
People who are involved with the stray and abused animal population (which continues to grow) of the county know the numbers are never going to be reported accurately because we have hit brick walls for so many years looking for help with this problem. It is heartbreaking to know of animals--"pets" (most often) that are dumped in the county with no concern for the animal's welfare or the county resident that wind up dealing with "their"(the cowardly former owner) problem. Most times the pet is neither spayed or neutered--sometimes the females are already the problem continue to multiply...
They starve, get hit by cars or find food any way they can--this applies to "feral cats", too.
I love birds--feed them year round--Hawks kill more of the songbirds in my area than any feral cat.
There has to be a solution to the problem of stray and abused animals. As the economy worsens pets are considered more and more disposable.
How the county continues to ignore this issue is unimaginable.. put this question on a county wide ballot and allow taxpayers to make a decision...
As to the "vermin" comment and shooting on sight--that method could reduce the number of human vermin that are fed and sheltered in this county! What a savings that would be.

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Tonganoxie City Council votes not to extend city administrator's contract

If I understand the workings of our city adminstration--the "budget numbers" were prepared and presented to Yanez to give to council.
He should have caught the errors but the person preparing the numbers should receive the same treatment as Yanez.
The city deserves better employees and the council is taking the right action but they need to keep up the good work..we need a clean sweep.

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Heskett promoted to Tonganoxie city supervisor

Kent Heskett has worked for the city since high school. He has and will do an excellent job for this town.
Tongie should feel fortunate to have someone with his attitude toward the residents and
work ethic as an employee.

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Welsh resigning from Tonganoxie City Council

Good luck to Mr. Welsh and his family.
Am curious though as how council replacements are chosen--and was surprised when Chris Donnelly was appointed (although he may be an excellent member--time will tell) as he had not ran for council in any recent election.
Are the appointments made from suggestions by other councilmembers and do they all have a say in who is recommended before the name is announced or is it soley at the mayor's discretion?
Does not sound like a fair way of putting someone on council as it could be a hand picked group if all councilmembers are not allowed to make suggestions before someone is called upon.

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Tonganoxie council wants tighter computer login policies

Catching up on council activity--and can't believe how hateful some of the comments are--
Some things never change--if you don't go along with whoever is in control--and esp. if you're a woman---you must be a witch--just sit on council--go along with the "boys"---don't even try to represent the best interest of the people who put you there. The "boys" are taking care of everything--so don't be messing in their business.
Why call someone a witch because she brought out the fact that our city was being represented by a mayor who used city property to send "questionable" email--quess your employer would not object to your use of his computer for your personal enjoyment...
If not mistaken-- Wasn't Tom Putthoff the member who insisted the computers be audited???

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Mayor Mike Vestal resigns

Vendetta-what vendetta?Cannot understand why this issue has been turned around as one person wanting to cause Vestal "public embarrasment"..From reading past council minutes in the Mirror-Vestal's job is a duplication of service Tongie receives from the county--more than one member of council and city hall staff suggested ending this $1100(?) a month expense as a way to reduce the budget...Unfortunately Vestal's personal problems & continued use of city furnished computer to pursue them had to be brought to light and the cost saving issue got lost in the glare of his disgusting emails. The job of city dispatcher should be eliminated-bring the city's computer back into the police dept. where it belongs. If this had been done in September of 2007 Vestal's actions and the disgrace he brought on to the city would not have happened.
Just think-he would not have to had to resign--and could have continued doing all the good (?????) things he has done for the city. Whatever you want to do in your life is your own business--but if it involves city owned equipment paid for by the residents of Tonganoxie--that's different story---it would be like a city police officer using the police car to go to the strip club while the officer was on duty.

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Tax rebate discussion on hold

We could change our county name and admit that we are now located in western Johnson County.
Maybe that's not all bad-how high are the property taxes and sales tax in Johnson County?

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