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Police officer accepts badge number of late father

Good luck in your time here in Tonganoxie, Jake.
Your father was an honorable man.

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Brandon Parker, Tonganoxie High School athletics director, congratulates Austin Stone for getting hi

This determined young man and his family may cause me to change my name!
Believe and persevere, Austin!

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Drug store to open downtown

Am so glad to have "The Downtown drugstore"!
It is encouraging that a young businesswoman such as Sarah is willing to invest in our downtown.
Same thought goes to Robin Wiegand and Amy Aaron--
I hope they receive the support to keep their businesses in operation.

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Jason Ward questionnaire

Why do we get Ward's info twice?

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Shilling: Responsible city spending needed

One thing about all this trash talk--It does show an interest in what is going on in this election, too bad it is almost all negative...Too bad the people who are so determined to tear into Shilling's business and personal life don't run for council--or maybe they are!?
Maybe they think there are things an audit of the city would discover that would put a bad light on them.

March 29, 2009 at 1:45 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

Wager set to give back

I agree with Sissy--what happened to discussion or of Randy's interview?
I'm sorry,Randy--you are not as big a target as Roger Shilling--and I think you will be a good school board member if anyone can remember you are running!

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Ronald Starcher

Ronnie Starcher was true assest to his family and this community.
He and Jerry have made us proud to call them "Friends".

July 23, 2008 at 12:15 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

Traffic light could move to Main

Sounds like the ruler of Tonganoxie doesn't appreciate being questioned by the council..."didn't realize you were in the equipment business, etc."
It's not hard to go online and get an estimated value of any used piece of equipment and it does depend on whether you're buying or selling or trading in. Sure Dean Machinery will be hesitant to do business with Tonganoxie again. The councilmember who is keeping track of how the money is spent, should be commended for researching this issue instead of being insulted by a city employee. It seems as the comment made about policy of buying and selling equipment is rather telling------"I just bring it to the council and that's as far as it goes." Didn't realize only one council member and that the assistant city adminstrator could make decisions and overule what had been approved in a public council meeting--didn't know these two were in the equipment business and apparently know about buying and selling equipment.

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