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Tonganoxie Middle School student hit by SUV in fair condition at Children's Mercy

After at least one more incident today (maybe one last night too??)....somebody better start actively addressing this now!! It takes a village to raise and care for a child, and everybody start doing their part instead of pointing fingers. Parents: talk to your children again about how and when to safely cross the roads because apparently they need to hear it again. Kids: make sure that you know everybody out there knows what you're going to do...stare down those cars, wave your hand to get them to acknowledge you, walk on the sidewalk and use the crosswalks (oh yeah, those don't exist everywhere they are needed!) Drivers: you're in a SCHOOL ZONE....slow down. Those kids come out of TMS like ants out of a mound so you've got to be prepared to look in front of, behind, beside you again and again. AND, quit picking up Buck and Precious in the bus loading zone and encouraging your child to walk away from the designated car rider loading zone....they won't perish if made to wait with all the other car riders. If you are that pressed for time, then maybe you should adjust your schedule. Administration: shame on you for your poor planning, projections, budgeting to not install adequate sidewalks and cross walks for kids to safely access the school from each direction. Do something, work on this, talk to the city. City: shame on you for not providing on going patrol to establish some fear in people to actually obey the rules out there. Write some tickets, take money out of their pockets, piss them off and I bet they will think twice before doing it again. The rate the kids are dropping out there, you guys are well on pace to wiping out an entire grade before the end of the school year!

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