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Council remembers 9/11

I was on active duty in the U.S. Navy stationed at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. They locked the base down and put in place a curfew. Closed the schools for a week and told non-essential personnel to stay home. If you were caught out after curfew there would and could have been big problems for anyone wanting to test the security. I worked with some of the best Sailors in the world that day for sure they all stood up and said what do we need to do. No questions, just a complete devotion to duty. I was so proud and still am to have served with each and everyone of them on that day and the days that followed.

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USD 464 board looking at bond issue for $30 million elementary school

There is alot of information from all concerned here, I however have not heard part of my concerns addressed. So Dan this is for you, why can the school's and the district come to us the citizens of this community and ask for more money but when the citizens of this community come to the schools they get the run around from the admistration. I agree with one premise of the re-use of the elementary school as a community center or area for groups to hold public meetings. I think that would be a great addition to our city. However I am still concerned as it seems others are here about the cost issue and the fact that we are still paying on the last bond issue that came before us and we approved. Can't we come up with a solution so that the district does not have to keep coming back to the citizens and picking our pockets every couple years. I have been told that at one time there was a proposal that was put forward to use some land south of town and build a complete facility that would house all the students with plenty of room for growth. That proposal was struck down because of transportation issues, from what I have been told. I wonder now that since you are already transporting students around town would it not have been more cost effective to only have to bus them to one location?
Again I think my biggest concern is that it seems that the district keeps coming back to the citizens and wanting more money every year. Why can't we come up with one solution that would work for the next I don't know say 5 to 10 years and make that proposal. As someone as I have stated before that is all for anything for our children, I however have been having trouble getting behind these last two bond issues, the one that failed last time and this one so far.
Don H

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USD 464 board looking at bond issue for $30 million elementary school

I agree in principal that there is a need for a bigger and better elementary school. However, with the economy today placing an increase in our taxes at this time, I am not convinced is a good idea. I am normally one who votes for anything for the kids in our community. I however did not vote for the last bond measure the school district wanted as I saw a lot of waste and unnecesary(sp) items in that project. Until I can be assured that is not the case in this bond issue I can't support it either. I am also against projects for the school district due to the lack of respect certain staff members have shown to the citizens of this community, and until that can be resolved then they will have a rough time getting my vote and the vote of many others that I know as well in this community. Including some on the city council. So if you want my support your going to have to jump through some tough hurdles and hoops to get my support.

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Late lead not quite enough as THS baseball falls to Piper

Maybe the underclassmen would have gotten more chances to polish their individual games had the coach allowed them to play summer ball in the American Legion League this year but he did not, so that is another chance waisted for them to get more experiance. Hope it is worth it.

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USD 464 bond issue talk returns

I agree that the elementary school is in need of some changes, but whether we need to build a new school completely is yet to be seen. I remember the last bond issue and thought at that time that it was to far reaching and encompassed to many changes. I am usually all for anything for the children of our community. However in these days of ever tightening budgets I am not sure that now is the time to ask the residents to come up with more money to support more improvements at the schools. If the economy was better and there were less unemployment maybe then it would be easy for me to agree to spending more money. However right now we are not in that situation. I will be watching and waiting to see how this all shakes out, before decide whether or not I can support this issue.

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THS baseball draws Piper in first round of regionals

Wondering if this tournament will be enough competition for the team since Legion baseball is apparently not enough competition according the the Tonganoxie High school Coach.

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Chieftain baseball wins one, loses one on senior night

Maybe now the coach can call the American legion post and explain why he told his players that they could not play for the legion team this year.

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