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Tonganoxie football coach Mark Elston resigns

Awesome THS student! Thanks for sharing... Many people don't recognize the time and energy that these coaches, trainers, and athletes put in. Many who are bashing them never played the game. You can't be a baby and play the game of football. I know how hard Padfield and the assistant coaches work. I know that they treat the kids like young men and are there for them in tough times and it angers me to hear people attacking them. Really angers me. Not very many people in this world that will put in 25 extra hours a week on top of their 40 hour weeks for less $3-$4,000 dollars. They are there because they want to develop kids. What have you done for a kid lately?

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Tonganoxie football coach Mark Elston resigns

Bingo Padfield! Bingo... The people that went to the board last year are some of the same people on here now and those people could have had a libel suit slapped on them very easily. I've seen 3 of the 4 letters written to the BOE and Coach Elston and they were completely fabricated because "Johnny" couldn't hack being yelled at. Plain and simple. Coach Elston wasn't always the most political person, but the world needs more people who will look you in the eye and call it like they see it. I have the utmost respect for anyone who teaches/coaches today's youth. Many can't even properly parent at home, but want to come on here and criticize someone else.

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Tonganoxie football coach Mark Elston resigns

You are flat out lying. Again, know who you are and could expose some truth's about you? Don't think you want that. Careful with your mudslinging. It could come back to haunt you.

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Tonganoxie football coach Mark Elston resigns

I know who you are and you attacking the ethics and morality of anyone, let alone assistant coaches who are fighting to keep a squad together is humorous. And for the record, yes, they were 1-8 last year, but you are showing your ignorance. Look up the overall record in 11 years. Also, attacking the assistants who had nothing to do with this is way over the top. I'd clean up your own front step before worrying about everyone else's.

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Tonganoxie City Council votes not to extend city administrator's contract

Spent and spent on Education? Of course, because the community has almost doubled in 10 years. Progressive does mean spending, but you see, when done right you get a return on your investment. There are too many people in this community who are opposed to any "change". Doesn't matter what the change, if it means one penny spent, they will be opposed. I have news for you, I will not leave the community. I will stick around and personally witness the changing of the gyard. Eventually, we will outnumber the people holding the community back. Progression doesn't have to happen overnight, but Tonganoxie is moving at a snail's pace.

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Tonganoxie City Council votes not to extend city administrator's contract

Sorry to break the news to you but Tonganoxie is far behind other communities it's size. I challenge you to visit other communities of 5,000 people in the state of Kansas. Look at their school facilities, look at their restaurant options, look at their mill levy's, look at their desire to be progressive. This community has been held back by the "ultra conservative" types for too long. It's time to make Tonganoxie the community that it could and should be. If that means the mill levy has to go up a little, then so be it. This living in the "old days" attitude is ridiculous. Whoever they hire for our next administrator, I hope he has progressive visions and will stand up to the people holding this community back.

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Tonganoxie City Council votes not to extend city administrator's contract

Getting the right people is done by collaborating and doing research, not by individuals voting at the booth. If that was the case, our country wouldn't be in the shape it is. If you haven't noticed, democracy doesn't always lead to the best person for the job.

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Opinion: Exploring education options

Reading proficiency starts at home. Plain and simple. If you read to your child nightly when they are a toddler, you most likely won't be blaming the education system later on. The problem is that we are expecting kids to read at the proficient level in middle and high school that aren't getting proper attention in the early developmental process, then we pass them along to avoid self-esteem issues. As far as throwing money at education... Not effective just to throw money, but spent wisely, could make a big difference. Part of the problem is that the people making the decisions don't listen to the people that know the most about education. When politicians start listening to teachers and administrators in this state, things may get better. Somehow, teachers have become the easy scapegoat in a society that is full of excuses and apathy.

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Headed home early

Why was half the team questioning the coaching after loss #1 in the team huddle? Why did the coach walk away from the team huddle in the zone tournament? Sorry, but it makes me mad when people want to publicly point fingers at other players, but a certain few players plus the coaches get a free pass. There is a reason that SEVERAL players soured early on. It wasn't just one or two and if you think so, you don't know the truth. You do the math.

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Headed home early

That lack of desire was present way back in the initial stages of the season. It wasn't addressed (at least effectively) and it continued to linger. It actually got worse. Successful teams just don't flip on the switch when the bright lights are on. I'll quit beating a dead horse, but I watched it all season and now some want to point fingers at others. I don't agree with that approach. A team is a team and if teammembers and coaches allowed that to happen then look in the mirror.

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