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Facebook and the election

A leopard can't change its spots. A person cannot change who they are (their character) no matter how hard they try. This comes from the Old Testament (Jre.13:23)

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Face to Face: Tonganoxie Mayor Jason Ward

I like reading and learning about the newcomers and ones that have been here a long time in our small town Shawn! Tonganoxie has a lot of interesting people. Keep them coming.

Mayor Ward is and has been good for our Town! I learned a little about him too. Didn't know about Jason raising orchids. I think Orchids are hard to grow.

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City plans for mill increase

I want to make another point. Council need to look at the total taxes you pay on a home valued at $150,000! Saying it would be just $65.00 increase. This is on top of what we already pay!! It is getting out of control. Not to mention the taxes you pay for vechices and toys you own here in Tonganoxie and Leavenworth county.

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City plans for mill increase

So this increase is all about raises and promotions and hiring more city workers! Give the people of Tonganoxie more credit. When there is a mill increase that fee is paid by home owner and renters. It effects everyone. When property taxes go up that means landlord pass the cost on to the renter. Rent goes UP council. Same as the water and sewer rate it effects everyone. So don't try to make it look like the poor home owners are getting a break. No one is. I say go back to the table and work harder to keep all rates and mill levy down. What happened to Living within our means?? It seems that it never applies to us here in Tonganoxie!!

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High-speed chase goes through downtown Tonganoxie

The High Speed chase made it down my street also! The "Vehicle and 3 Police cars" Doing 90+ mph. Good thing that No One "Kids" or anyone else was in/or crossing this residential street. The chase wasn't safe for anyone.. the citizens or the police officers.I don't know if it is worth risking any life in high speed chases.

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U.S. 24-40 intersection talks continue to heat up

This is a NO Brain-er!! The city needs to go with KDOT proposal. KDOT will pay all cost but 10% of design cost. The changes will not be detrimental to the business. What will be detrimental will be that the city will screw around and lose the funding from KDOT.

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The Leavenworth County Fair is just around the corner. To what are you most looking forward to regarding this year's fair?

I look forward of seeing old friends that we haven't seen in awhile. You usually run into them at the fair.

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Tonganoxie youth wins top award at NASA Space Academy

Way to go Jackson! Keep working hard and you will make it to NASA. What a amazing young man.

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Tonganoxie council member, former administrator facing off in Leavenworth County Commission race

I guess I need to read the Tonganoxie paper more often. I haven't been in this city business for some time now, but it looks like I'm being pulled in on this.

My views are: All voters should evaluate each candidate and cast thier vote as they see fit.

These are question that I will be asking.

What are thier views? What do each candidate have to offer the county? What do they represent? Do they beleive in progress and creating jobs? Are our county roads and bridges important to them.. like they are to me? How important is it to them to keep our taxes down?

I suggest that everyone evaluate each candidate. Leavenworth county deserve the best man for the job!!
By the way... Bill , I'm not "strightup" I will tell you what I think using my own name. I do not hide behind anonymous names. That is just how I roll!
Paula Crook

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Jalapenos could open next weekend; Sunflower Auto Plaza to open down the road

Sounds Good! I'm glad to see them come to our town and I welcome them. My husband and I had dinner in their Lawrence place a couple of weeks ago... they have great food. I hope the people of Tongie will give them their business.

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