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Tonganoxie City Council OKs police station feasibility study

What Annie Country Jubilee building? Yes, the building is down town. I beleive with the cost of the building and the huge renovations that it will take for that building... the price tag is going to be to much (compared to the other buildings). Not a good building for the police dept. Has anyone on the council been in that building to look at what it would take to renovation it? I'm sorry but, My opinion the council shouldn't waste their time or the city's money on that building.

Now the old post office might not be a bad building for our police dept. Plus, the police dept. would still be down town! The city should seriously be looking into it if they are only asking 100k for it. The city could always add a second floor to it. Then that would be 6,000 square-foot building. It would be a great place for the police dept. if the cost of renovation isn't to much. I hope the council includes that building in the study.

The old video store building. Only down fall is the location, location, location!

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Roach infestation has city briefly consider rental inspections

Old-Vet I'm really surprised that you would make a statement like that. I'm guessing that you are a veteran and served our government and followed regulation from our government. You should know better then anyone that we need laws in place to protect the citizens. I too do not like for the government pushing unnecessary regulation on the people but sometimes they are needed. I beleive this one is needed.

As for the Roach infestation. The city council are taking the correct actions to try to protect other neighborhoods that could be facing this kind of mess. I wish they could put something in place for all home but I know they can't.

I'm sure if anyone that lives in the city that has a neighbor that lives in that kind of environment and their living condition spills over to your home... you then would fill different about having some kind of regulation in place.

In this case I beleive the owner of the home did what they could and tried to help clean the mess up for the surrounding homes and their rental home, but their could be a landlord or home owner that would not even try or care. I for one would not be happy if my neighbors living condition would pour or migrate over to my home. "Especially with Roaches" I say that the city council needs to do what ever they can to protect us and our neighborhoods.

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Making calls for the wild

Thanks Glen!!! You do a great job keeping the wildlife and all of us citizens safe! Thank you for your dedication to the Kansas Department of Wildlife and all your hard work. Because it is appreciated...

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Police contemplating updated officer garb

I don't have any problem with these new uniforms. If the new uniforms will help with the weight of all the gear that these officers have to wear then... I say great! I would like for the city to keep the traditionally uniforms for special occasions, like LV county fair, Tongie Days, even at funerals, "special events".
I would like to see the police dept. phase these new uniform in and not drop the money all at once. Just my thoughts!

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Tonganoxie football coach Mark Elston resigns

I have great respect for coach Elston. Coach Elston has dedicated many years to this community and to our kids. Thanks coach Elston for being there for our son!

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Heskett promoted to Tonganoxie city supervisor

The City couldn't have hired a better man than Kent Heskett for the city superintendent. Congratulations Kent on the new position! The city is in good hands.

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City of Tonganoxie, port authority share cost of business park engineering study, RFP effort

If Jason Ward want people to think that a "council member shared information that led to a gross misrepresentation of the council's position" then maybe you should go to the Mirror's Archive and type in "Tax rebate discussion on hold" and scroll down to the section that says "Police Code" then read what the council's prostion was on this issue.

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