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Early morning chase ends with arrest

Juicy stuff! Can you say big Liability for the city. How can we expect our kids to trust the police when we have this kind of behaviour in the city? If the citizens noticed this... who in the police dept did too and did nothing about it? If this officer was put in as acting chief shouldn't the chief have know this man was a Liability to the city and the citizens? Who is in charge? Mayor, City Administrator, Police Chief? Who.... This is bad if true.

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DUI citation issued during weekend sobriety checkpoint in Tonganoxie

So how much over-time did the city spend looking for DUI's? They found 1 out of 150 stops. How many officers did they add to do all of this? Sounds like a waste of time and money! But hay, at least they got up off their butts and out of the police dept and did something for the community. Even if it was for the overtime!

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Mayor on Wheels

What a great story. Great to see that Tonganoxie has this program in our community. Hats off to Mayor Ward and the people that do this. Communities often forget about the seniors needs and communities forget all about what the seniors have given back to thier communities in the past.

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City council denies sewer tap waiver request from new owner of Sunset Motel

Just a little note. My parent are in town for a visit while the kids are on spring break. Our place is not big enough to put them up. They had to stayed in Lawrence before because Sunset was not fit to stay in. This time they are staying at the Sunset Motel. Parents say its not the Hillton but it is very clean and ok to stay in. The new owner has done a great service to this city. I say Thank you. So should the city.

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Safety, security issues addressed in bond issue

Question... When this bond issue passed back in 2004 was the same board members that we have now on the board then?

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Leavenworth County population grows 10 percent in last decade

That only 1% a year. But it probably hasn't grow in the last 4 years due to the economy. Probably won't for next 4 years.

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Peak appointed to council

Who are these people that they are appointing on the council seats?

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Ordinance sections scrapped

I attended this meeting and council member Putthoff and Ward and the Mayor kept saying that the people were misinformed about the ordinance they had no intentions of passing the ordinance. They went and passed it but without the parking restrictions. If we would have not been there, they would have passed it with the restrictions. It was not a waste of our time. These few council members need to get their heads on straight and stop pointing their fingers because the finger is pointing at you.

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What will you remember most about 2009?

Community: 2009 = Mayor Vestal embarrassing the city of Tonganoxie once again.

Country: 2009 = Obama's first year in office, the Economy, the Health care concerns

Personally: 2009 = Took a Vacation trip to Hawai for two weeks.

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Tonganoxie police calls filed on Nov. 18 and 19, 2009

I've noticed that the Mirror has been showing the police called filed for each day. I like this!!

It show me that there is not alot of calls. I fill that our police is not out there paroling our streets. I never,never see a parole car on my street. During the day I drive by and all of them are in the police station. Never see them during the day at all!! They need to be out stopping all the break in and theft that is happening!
Police department what are you doing? You seem to have alot of police officers and police cars. There should not be any crime... as little of calls that you are receiving!!

We pay our police very well.... so get out and do your job.

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