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District finds savings loophole

kanfarmer and Trouble,

Thanks for the comments. Looks like we'll have to agree to disagree on this one.

Take care!

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District finds savings loophole

Trouble and kanfarmer,

Is there anything in any of my posts that says I think it's okay to commit a crime? I don't.

On the other hand, insinuating someone is a sex criminal without knowing anything about the case [and when it's simply not true] is the type of thing that can ruin someone's life.

Which of the two is a worse offense?

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District finds savings loophole

The "victim" in this case has made a living from the court system. The fact remains there was no conviction for any kind of sexual charges. Anyone can say someone did something. Only when someone is convicted of those charges are they guilty. I would have no problem trusting this person with the responsibilities of their position in the school district.

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District finds savings loophole


You're right, it is public record.

Are you aware there are three categories of offenses on the registry list, two of which have nothing to do with sexual charges? That's why it's called the "offender registry". If you'll notice, the conviction of the person in question was battery, not a sexual crime.

Also, the person in question has served their probationary period. The record is now expunged, which means it's as if it never existed.

So, to answer your question, those are my "facts" and how I came about them. Can you now explain how you came about your "facts"?

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District finds savings loophole


Please be careful not to state opinion as fact in a public setting. I know for a fact your information is not correct regarding the individual supposedly being a sex offender. This kind of innuendo is extremely hurtful, especially when it's not true.

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